Demythify: Justice League United Is DC Comics’ New Legion Of Super-Heroes Series Post-Convergence? Or Multiversity Related? Possible Spoilers?!

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The current Justice League United series that wrapped up this month to make way for DC Comics’ Convergence is being relaunched in July 2015 by DC Comics. A creative team, teaser art or solicitation has yet to be released by DC. It is the only series of the twenty-four (24) post-Convergence new series shrouded in mystery. Possible spoilers may follow.

Theory #1: Justice League United is the new Legion of Super-Heroes Series Title

Since the last arc of Justice League United focussed on the Legion of Super-Heroes in the Infinitus Saga, I’m wondering if DC Comics will go whole hog and make the Legion of Super-Heroes its Justice League United of the 31rst Century. The main logo being JLU and sub-titled being LOSH a la the Justice League of America #1 cover post-Convergence?

Justice League United #10 DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes LOSH Justice League United Annual #1 cover Legion of Super-Heroes LOSH

You may recall that Justice League Unlimited (not United) was DC Comics / Entertainment’s Justice League TV series that basically had all DC heroes in it.

Justice League United Animated TV series DVD season one

What team has a bigger cast of characters in the DCU in the 31rst Century than the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Justice League United Annual #1 cover no logo Legion of Super-Heroes LOSH Justice League United Annual #1 Legion of Super-Heroes LOSH

Will DC go the JLU (Unlimited / United) route for the Legion post-Convergence? Check out the classic entry in Who’s Who in The DC Universe for the iconic team roster.

Legion of Super-Heroes Who's Who in the DC Universe entry

Theory #2: Justice League United is a Cross-Multiverse Populated Team

Does writer Grant Morrison’s Multiversity lead to a new Justice League United team?

Multiversity Guidebook cover

Certainly other speculation about Justice League United is that it will be a team combining characters from across DC Comics’ multiverse. If so, who would you want to see it on it?

Here are some Earths to choose from, there are others though, from the Multiversity Guidebook.

Multiversity Guide Book Earth 0 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 2 & Earth 3 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 4 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 8 & Earth 9 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 10

Multiversity Guide Book Earth 11 & Earth 12 Batman Beyond Multiversity Guide Book Earth 18 & 19 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 22 Multiversity Guide Book Earth 43 updated Multiversity Guide Book Earth 51

Or does the end of Convergence lead to a new cross-multiverse spanning Justice League United team membership?

What do you think Justice League United will be about? Any thoughts on its creative team? Well the DC Comics July 2015 solicitations will be out in a matter of weeks.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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