CW’s The Flash – Season 1, Episode 16, Rogue Time – Top 5 Spoilers Via Capsule Review Including Cisco Ramon’s Fate, Iris West Love, Reverse Flash & More?

Just finished watching CW’s The Flash – Season 1, Episode 16 – called “Rogue Time”.

In this episode, Barry Allen as the Flash travelled back in time a short distance, as we saw at the end of last episode Out of Time including other explosive developments, and prevents the calamity of Mark Mardon aka the new Weather Wizard on Joe West and Central City from occurring. We had an inkling that a lot of the key elements from last week would be undone in this episode due to Barry Allen / The Flash’s new time travel powers. However, things almost get worse for Barry after tinkering with time.

These are the Top 5 Spoilers via a capsule review of “Rogues Time”, CW The Flash’s Season 1, Episode 16:

  • However, with this change to the past, the new present isn’t what Barry Allen expected. He remembers both timelines, but everyone else doesn’t. Barry confronts Iris about the love she professed in the other timeline; she denies loving him and that leads to her current boyfriend Eddie Thawne confronting him and punching him later on the episode. However, Eddie and Iris forgive Barry later in the episode after Caitlin Snow convinces them that Barry has “lightning psychosis” a fictitious disease that has he act oddly from time to time. In confiding in Harrison Wells, Barry Allen believes that Iris West’s love for him hasn’t come to surface because she hasn’t experienced the same traumatic event as we saw last episode. That also means Iris does not know Barry is the Flash either.
  • CW The Flash Rogue Time Season 1 Episode 16 with Captain Cold and Golden GliderAnother result of changing the timeline is that Cisco Ramon doesn’t learn Harrison Wells’s secret and in turn doesn’t die at his hands. Viewers have known Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash for some time, but we now know he is from the future; he is Eobard Thawne from the future and a descendant of Eddie Thawne. He’s trapped in the present and wants to train Barry Allen as the Flash – and cultivate his time travel powers – to allow him to return to the future.
  • Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and Mick Rory aka Heat Wave are joined by Snart’s sister Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider in the comics, kidnap Cisco Ramon and threaten the life of his brother, Dante Ramon, in exchange for the recreation of a cold gun, a heat gun, and the creation of a liquefied gold gun for Captain Cold’s sister.
  • In exchange for the life of his brother, Cisco Ramon is forced to reveal the secret identity of the Flash. Captain Cold confronts the Flash and they come to a détente where Snart agrees that he and his “Rogues Gallery” won’t kill during their heists while they and the Flash continue their hero-villain dance in Central City.
  • Mason Bridge, Iris West’s reporter colleague, is about to put is expose on Harrison Wells to bed when he is confronted and killed by the Reverse Flash. To everyone else Mason Bridge is “missing”. Barry Allen is about to ask Wells about Simon Stagg, who has also been missing for some time, who Harrison Wells was the last to see – information that Mason Bridge knew and that Barry knows from the other timeline after Mason confronted Iris who talked to Barry; which doesn’t happen in the current altered timeline, but that Barry nonetheless still remembers. The episode ends with Barry Allen confronting Joe West and indicating that he believes Joe know about everything concerning Harrison Wells; essentially that Wells is the speedster that killed his mom and got his dad wrongfully accussed on murder.

A powerful episode. It undoes some of last week’s episode, but gives a whole other set of developments that advance the main plots and subplots.

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