Roman Reigns News: WWE Wrestlemania 31 Excitement, Most Painful In-Ring Moment

In an interview with Bro Bible, Roman Reigns revealed that it was Daniel Bryan who gave him his most painful in-ring moment. Here are highlights:

On if he’s “nervous excited” or “excited excited” for WrestleMania
That’s a good way of asking that question. I’m excited excited right now. I think the nervous-excited won’t kick in until we get closer to Sunday.

On what his average day is like
My average match is 20-25 minutes. That’s probably the easiest part of my day. There’s a full day of training involved before I even hit the ring. I usually do 30-40 minutes of cardio before I even hit the ring. Eating right is tough. I have to be concerned about my meal, and while I’m eating, I have to think about my next meal. Sometimes you see guys lugging around 3-4 meals just in case. My body just expects it.

On his most painful in-ring moment
The most recent was my match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. He kicked my scar from my recent hernia surgery. That was painful. I needed to take a step back from training that next day!

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