Arrow Spoilers: Olicity Update, How Will Oliver React To Felicity Dating Atom?

While Oliver Queen initially didn’t seem to have a problem with Felicity dating Ray Palmer, it appears he does have issues with her seeing Atom.

In a recent interview with, Stephen Amell teased a contentious scene between the two star-crossed lovers from tonight’s episode.

“I have a great scene with Emily [Bett Rickards] in the latter part of that episode where we’re really at odds with one another,” he said. “I thought it was one of our more interesting Arrowcave scenes.”

The actor continued by hinting that the issues might stem from Ray Palmer’s alter ego.

“Oliver’s fine with Ray and Felicity, until Oliver discovers that he’s the Atom,” Amell said. “Because the whole reason that he can’t be with Felicity is because he has this other thing that he has to do. So if it’s just Ray Palmer, ‘Good, great. Enjoy.’ But if it’s Palmer as the Atom, then Oliver’s going to have a problem.”