Empire Season 2 Spoilers: Showrunner Discusses New Rhonda/Andre Dynamic, Will Naomi Campbell Return?

The world can’t seem to stop talking about the red-hot Empire season finale and lucky for us, neither can showrunner Ilene Chaiken.

The EP recently spoke to TVLine.com and offered some hints about what to expect in the show’s sophomore season, starting with when the decision to kill off Vernon was made.

“Once our story took us there, though, we certainly felt like this was a great and interesting opportunity. And Ask Ausiellowhatever happens, whether Rhonda and Andre get discovered or not, there are going to be some thematic repercussions of that action,” Chaiken said. “We love that Andre-Rhonda dynamic, and whether they’re coming back together in the way they were before, or whether they have to renegotiate their relationship, is really interesting to us. We also have to look at whether or not Andre’s [religious] conversion, if that’s indeed what it is, plays into it.”

Chaiken also discussed the possibility of Naomi Campbell reprising her role as Camilla (especially now that Lucious is behind bars).

“It’s certainly a possibility — and a very alluring one,” Chaiken teased.


Source: TVLine.com