JR Blog: Brock Lesnar Re-signing with WWE, Rejuvenating the IC and US titles

Jim Ross posted a new blog in light of the Brock Lesnar news, here are some highlights:

on Brock Lesnar’s announcement
Brock Lesnar made his announcement on Tuesday that he was staying with WWE and retiring from MMA of which is great news for WWE and their fans and something that I though would happen for the past several weeks even though I too have vacillated on this matter numerous times. Knowing Brock since he was a Junior in college at Minnesota when we started recruiting him, I know the gladiator spirit in the man desperately wanted to close out his MMA career on a more positive note than it ended but after becoming the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion what else was there to prove? Lesnar is a wrestler and not a skilled striker in that world but the first thing to go with a wrestler’s skill set is their quickness and the older one gets the less speed and quickness they possess.

on Brock Lesnar staying in WWE
Brock Lesnar made the best decision for him and everyone close to him by staying in WWE and earning what I’m sure is a magnificent salary for working what is essentially a part time schedule. Plus, by having a part time schedule it will manage how much exposure that he will get to insure that Brock remains an attraction and will not allow him to be over exposed as so many in his profession are in today’s marketplace.

on rotation of WWE talent
WWE would e well served to allow the talents to be rotated within the system to provide more talents additional off time to rest and recover and Lesnar’s contract guarantees that he will be able to function in a more idealistic environment. No one is a bigger Lesnar fan than me as evidenced on how hard and long we recruited him but not even the most ardent Lesnar fan needs to see Brock every week. That goes for any established star on the roster for that matter.

on rejuvenating the IC and US titles
Plus, this decision gives WWE the opportunity to rejuvenate the IC and US titles if they choose considering Lesnar will not be on the road that much one has to assume. I could see John Cena and Daniel Bryan both re-energizing the US and IC Titles respectively.

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