DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Final Covers For New 52 Futures End #48, Earth 2 World’s End #26 & Convergence #0 Revealed! The Multiversity #2 MIA!

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Next week’s New 52 Future’s End #48, Earth 2 World’s End #26 and The Multiversity #2 all culminate and converge into DC Comics two-month Convergence event that kicks off with Convergence #0.

Three of those books have final covers revealed with logos and trade dress. The Multiversity #2 full final cover remains to be revealed.

UPDATE: DC Comics has delayed The Multiversity #2’s release from the original date of April 1 to April 29.

Below are the final covers for DC Comics’ New 52 Future’s End #48, Earth 2 World’s End #26 and Convergence #0. The Multiversity initial cover art sans logo is at the far right.

Road to Convergence DC Comics New 52 Futures End #48 Spoilers Convergence 1 Road to Convergence DC Comics Earth 2 Worlds End #26 Spoilers Convergence 1
DC Comics Convergence #0 Spoilers  1 Road to Convergence DC Comics The Multiversity #2 Spoilers Convergence 1

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