Lucha Underground Results & Comments 03/18/2015


Sorry this is Late guys I’ve been preparing for Emerald city Comicon so Its been a tough week with switching around my work schedule ( I work nights) and preparing to help with Comicon. That being said we will go over last weeks episode first, then I will also do tonight’s episode and have that up either later tonight or tomorrow! I also want to thank all the readers for barring with me on some of the timing of these results and reviews. Truth be told I had a very close friend of mine leave for the peace core so for the last month or 2 I’ve been swamped with work and spending time with them before they left. Now….

OK guys to start this off we get another opening video package chronicling the history between Big Ryck and the crew, Mil Muertes and Fenix, also Drago and Aerostar..
Another shot of the band and Lucha chants are the first thing we see in the temple, and after their introduction Aerostar makes his way to the ring. Drago comes down next and this is a continuation to their best of 5 series, so we will see how this match goes. I was hard on their last match for being just a spot fest in my opinion, but as I found out later that match was heavily edited before it made TV, so hopefully we get a better story telling showing from these 2!
Match 1 = Aerostar VS Drago
The match starts off with both men pulling off technical showings, they spend time in the beginning pulling off leg lock holds to build the tension. Nobody has the upper hand right a way as they continue to go back and forth, Aerostar then runs around the ring sliding through the ropes causing Drago to follow, waiting for him to do so Aerostar kicks Drago to get the upper hand.  He then follows up with a splash in the ring and its not long before we get our first dive in the match by Aerostar who may have tweaked his own knee in the process because he is clutching it pretty convincingly. Drago comes back with some offence but again gets cut off by Aerostar with the spot of the match, Drago and Aerostar are fighting on the apron when Aerostar dodges a drop kick by Drago, getting him tangled up in the ropes. Aerostar on the top rope then does a double foot stomp to drago on the apron and it was awesome. Drago though comes back not too long and gets the crowd behind him with a HUGE dive to the outside taking out Aerostar. They finish this match off with both wrestlers being on adjacent turn buckles, Aerostar the runs along the middle rope to Drago and hurricanranas him off the turnbuckle. He then does a Rey Mysterio type Dive onto  Drago and pins him for the win.
Winner = Aerostar via pinfall.
I actually liked this match, it was quick and to the point and they cut down the dives and big spots telling more of a story. After the match they both shake hands and pay respects, and commentary puts over that Aerostar only needs one more win to take the series.
Next we have a Vigniette of Konnan beating up a bunch of flunkies with his cane. This is continued from last week. I laughed so hard at this, this was amazing, seeing old Konann beat down and bunch of guys all the while playing and coaching Prince Puma in chess was amazing. Again Lucha is the best in Video packages and again we see the text Konann’s revenge is coming…
Yes now the crew is in the ring getting ready for their match with Ryck. After their introduction down comes Ryck prepared to take his revenge by force!
Match 2 = 3 on 1 elimination match Big Ryck VS The Crew
The match starts off with all 3 men of the crew taking the big man down, they start stomping on him as Pero chants ring out form the crowd. Ryck is trying to show some fight by singling out a member to get in some offense but the numbers game keeps him down. They continue the beating by forcing Ryck into the corner and doing the 3 daggers move I love so much. They then take advantage of the no disqualification and bring in weapons to the dance. Just when you think its going to work for The Crew Ryck turns things around and throws one of the crew members into the corner where a chair is set up! Ryck then starts beating down the other members with a kendo stick. He continues to work them with the kendo and gets his first pin fall on Beal. This is a elimination match so we still have more fight to go and the other 2 crew members come from behind with another assault on the big man. They make the mistake of trying to do a double suplex, in which the big man reverses putting both of them on there asses, he then focuses his sights on Cortez and gives him a stiff clothesline with the kendo stick for the pin and elimination. After standing tall its seemingly going to be Mr. Ciscos turn to suffer his wrath and it is fitting due to the fact he was the one who burned Big Rycks eye with the Cigar. Mr. Cisco slides out of the ring and starts making his way up the steps seemingly leaving this match and his demise. Once he gets to the top he turns to an awaiting Sexy star who starts slapping him down the stairs back into the ring to face Ryck. Once at the ring she gets in a few more shops and rolls him in to meet his maker. As commentary puts over Rycks revenge and saying that it is time for Cisco to meet the rapture, Ryck begins his beating on the man who burned his eye! Bloodied and busted open Cisco continues to take punishment and Ryck then sets up a steele chair in the middle of the  leaving it set up open. He then rock bottoms Mr. Cisco hard and stiffly on the chair and it looked like it sucked. After standing tall in the ring Ryck pins Mr. Cisco 1.. 2…3.
Winner = Big Ryck!!!
This match was great, i just wish it had a little more of a pay off. I will say the story they told and how they worked the match made sense and everyone performed well! If they could have done just a little more i think it would have had a better feeling for the match, but knowing they have a big main event coming up I feel they did the best they could with time they had to work with! I hope we get a little more in the future from the Crew because they are one of my favorite acts on the show, I feel like now that they are battered and beaten, Pinpenella, Sexy Star, and their friend will also be getting a pay off soon!
Next we get an announcement that the AAA title and the Lucha underground belt will be defended next week.
Match 3 Grave Consequences Mil Muertes VS Fenix
Out walks some day of the dead looking people carrying a awesome Coffin with a painted skull on it. The tension is building quiet nicely and to make things more intimidating out walks Mil Muertes. We get commercials building the hype for the match and when we return out comes Fenix with Catrina at his back.
Mill Muertes wastes no time here and bounces off the ropes and dives through the middle rope taking out Fenix right away. He then slams him on the announce table before throwing Fenix in the ring. They trade back and forth and Muertes continues to to cut him off until Fenix hits a nice swanton dive on Muertes on the outside of the ring. Its not long before Muertes is back in this just pounding on Fenix and using the displays as weapons. He continues his beating until Fenix hits a nie DDT on the coffin causing a huge dent. Mil muertes re gains control when Fenix tries to do another dive on Muertes but goes right into the Coffin thanks to a nice move to lift the Coffin right in his flight path. After Fenix collides with the coffin Muertes continues pounding on Fenix and then almost rips his mask clean off his face, this was shocking knowing the history and respect of the mask in Lucha culture, and I was confused they did not play this up a bit more. I won’t ruin this amazing match by going to into detail, but lets say Muertes almost killed this man. They fought all through the crowd and used a lot of the arena to tell this story. I couldn’t believe some of the things that were going on in this thing, one spot(s) in this match I could have done without is Muertes biting on the open wound of Fenix to show how serious he was with destroying this guy. You have to be pretty savage to do something like that but after seeing it a few times It was  little gross. This match continued to be crazy and I strongly suggest watching it if you haven’t already, the best part is the only time the casket was open the entire match was the finish.That finish came when Muertes tries to hit Fenix with a clothes line but ends up hitting Catrina. There is a split second of emotion shown by Muertes allowing Fenix to get a bit of an upper hand. After Catrina recovers she opens the caskets and Fenix then gives Muertes a  huge shot jumping off the turnbuckle making Muertes crash into the coffin. I’m thinking just close the door close this thing now, yet Catrina takes time to lick and throw in the stone which is the source of Muerte’s power before doing so. Fenix is barely alive now but is standing in the ring as the show is goes off the air, and Muertes is being carried off in the casket as the credits roll.
Winner = Fenix
This, wow the best match I have seen all year hands down, the emotional roller coaster of this thing was crazy. I found myself actually cheering for Fenix because this man lived up to his name, he suffered 1000 deaths but continued to rise from the ashes and some how pulled this out. The last 2 weeks of this show have been unbeatable in my opinion and I can’t wait for the show later tonight! I once again want to say thank you for everyone barring with me and I will also be asking for some info from the readers in my next review. Again I will have tonight episode review up either tonight or tomorrow for sure and I hope you guys enjoy the new episode. Let me know what you guys thought of this casket match.
– Grainbelt