WWE Wrestlemania Fan Axxess Live Report

Here is a live report from WWE Fan Axxess:

Axxess was very well organized and a truly great time. The tournament was a lot fun. Adrian Neville vs. Hideo Itami was first. A strong back and forth match that saw Itami get the win after his kick finish. Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Bálor took the stage next. The crowd was very pro Bálor all night. He was the clear fan favorite and the one fans had their hearts set on to win. The match with Breeze was short and uneventful. Not a significant showing by Breeze whatsoever.

The tournament paused for a moment to pay tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. Michael Cole came to the ring to speak on the Warrior award being presented at the HOF this year. A large statue was being covered in the middle of the ring. Cole introduced Triple H to the surprise of everyone. His appearance was heavily cheered. Fans shouted comments regarding his match with Sting, and it was immediately clear that Triple H was not there in an entertainment capacity.

Triple H went into his last moments and conversations with Warrior, the process it took to get him there and the hatchet that needed to be buried. The crowd went silent as Hunter painted a lovely portrait of a father, a husband and an entertainer. This led to Triple H introducing the Warrior’s wife and two daughters. The wife was on the mic and very shaken by the reception. She too went on to share beautiful words about her husband. She ended her speech by thanking Hunter. She referred to him as the “bad guy” but went on to say “he’s actually pretty great.” The statue was revealed to an amazing reception. Warrior’s music hit and the wife and children shook the ropes. The entire segment was very touching and beautiful.

Immediately afterwards was the final match of the tournament between Hideo Itami and Finn Bálor. Everyone felt sure of Finn’s victory. The match was excellent, I’d say better than their one featured on NXT TV. Great wrestling, reversals and drama filled the match. Itami teased the GTS twice. In the end, Itami bested Bálor with his running kick finish yet again to become the winner of the tournament. Bálor played it off frustrated, he stormed off after a handshake with Itami. The live crowd got heavily behind Hideo’s victory. He pointed to the WrestleMania sign and was then met and congratulated by Tatsumi Fujinami. Triple H also joined the victory as the three posed for photos to end the tournament.

Also noteworthy from Axxess is that Dean Ambrose had a comical Q&A in the NXT ring. A fan asked “WHEN Roman Reigns wins the WHC, when will you face him?” This led to an across the convention standoff between Ambrose and Reigns, who was signing autographs at the time. Reigns’ line shouted for Reigns as the NXT crowd shouted for Ambrose. Ambrose promised that in the event that Reigns won the WHC, he’d be the first to challenge him.

All and all I’d say Axxess is well worth the price of admission.

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Source: prowrestling.net