Rasslin Roundtable: WWE Wrestlemania 31

WWE Wrestlemania 31 is finally here! Here are the Pulse Wrestling crew’s predictions:


WWE World Heavyweight Title
Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns

CB: Now that Brock Lesnar has re-signed with WWE for three more years, I feel like it’s even less likely that Roman Reigns actually leaves Levi’s Stadium as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Either Brock Lesnar will beat Roman Reigns, or Reigns will win and then lose immediately via the Seth Rollins cash-in. A Money In The Bank cash-in has never happened at WrestleMania, and Rollins would be a good candidate to shake things up and make sure that Reigns does not head into a hostile Raw as the Champ.

People think there will be some sort of double turn with Heyman aligning with Reigns and Brock turning baby face, but I think it will be more likely that Heyman stays with Brock so that he can continue advocating for Brock when Lesnar isn’t there. Also, Heyman does not end up doing wonders for everyone, just look at Ryback, Cesaro, and Axel. The chemistry just wasn’t there with them, and I don’t think a Heyman-Reigns alliance will do much to salvage Reigns.

Let’s face it: Roman Reigns was pushed into this situation way too soon, and like I mentioned previously, he is NOT The Rock, he can’t cut it on the mic, and I have barely seen anyone wearing his new “I Can. I Will.” T-shirt. Reigns just doesn’t move the needle for WWE, but Lesnar as Champion does make the title special and it makes his defenses must-watch events.

So, will Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins leave WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Last week, I would have said Rollins all the way. However, with Brock being back for 3 more years, his title run has A LOT left in the tank.

Also, has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe, they will give Brock a title reign that is longer than CM Punk’s just for spite? Don’t think it hasn’t crossed Vince’s mind.

Anyway, I digress……….
Winner: Brock Lesnar

David Spain: Until Lesnar renewed his contract, this looked like it could only go one way. And, even with Brock now doing more time with the WWE, I still think there’s only one likely scenario. They’ve pushed the hell out of Reigns, mostly in the wrong way, but I’d be repeating myself if I went off on another rant, so to hell with it. As much as I’d love to see a Rollins cash-in on the new champ, I don’t think that’s on the cards either; they’re not going to dedicate the last segment of WrestleMania to making the genre of fans that we all belong to happy. The King is the United States Champion; Long Live the King.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Matthew Michaels: I think they’ve come too far with the Roman push to have him job here. That said, unless a miracle happens and all of Northern Cali decides they love Luther Reigns’ illegitimate brother, the challenger in this match is going to be booed out of the building. Let’s just make the heel turn official, shall we? Rock comes out to support his cousin, Reigns takes advantage of a distraction, beats Lesnar 1-2-3 and after a little bit of a glance from the Rock, they all celebrate. The whole family comes out – Wild Samoans, Usos, Rikishi, Manu, even Rosey – which of course pisses off Lesnar, who attacks the Rock, but gets fought off. The next night on Raw, however, the stage is set for Rock/Lesnar at Mania 32 and Reigns to team up with Heyman and go full bad guy due to feeling like his thunder was stolen the night before.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Brittney: this match will be brutal. It will be a good, if not great match. It has to be. The win is up for grabs. Roman has been building confidence and momentum. Lesnar is rarely around, despite signing a new deal. I don’t want an absentee champion. I want an active champion. Hoping Reigns wins but also won’t be surprised if Seth Rollins cashes in after it all goes down.
Winner: Reigns

Pat Metalhead : When I started writing I had this idea that maybe they should have Heyman promo us this match instead of Lesnar and Reigns fighting it..
Just kidding.
Well I don’t really like the idea of Lesnar winning because I don’t really like the idea of a part-time champion so I’m gonna go (relunctantly) for Reigns and hope for some shenanigans (Double-turn, triple-turn if Heyman is involved or a Rollins cash-in, I don’t know).
Winner : Reigns because someone has to.

Penny: Well, before Lesner re-upped, I was reasonably sure that Reigns would win, with a possible Rollins cash-in, but with Brock resigning, I can’t imagine that him leaving Mania defeated was part of the terms. “Hey resign with us but lose on our biggest ppv” wouldn’t exactly be a selling point. So I’m calling Lesnar here. If they try a Rollins cash-in, he’ll lose too.
Winner and still champion; Brock Lesnar

Brian Mitarotondo: All of the signs are pointing to stubborn Vince shoving Reigns down our throats, but I think now that Lesnar has resigned, Brock wins clean. I don’t think Vince wants Mania ending the way the Rumble did. Look for Rollins to try to cash in on Monday though.
Winner: Lesnar

Paltrowitz: Before we knew that Brock Lesnar was re-signing, I thought that Roman Reigns was a lock. Now, it seems obvious that Lesnar will win, but…I am gambling on a Lesnar victory, followed by a successful Seth Rollins cash-in.
Winner: Lesnar

Widro – As much as Brock re-signing seems to change things, I still think Roman will win here. Lesnar can sustain losses and still be over, and Reigns will be cut off badly if he loses here.
Winner: Reigns


Sting vs. Triple H

CB: The combined age of the participants in this match is 101! I do think Sting wins to get his WrestleMania moment. The only question is: Will he and Taker have enough left for a match at WrestleMania 32?
Winner: Sting

David Spain: This seems fairly obvious; they’re not bringing Sting in to take a loss in his first match, especially not when it won’t do Triple H a damned bit of good, minus some ego-masturbation. Sting takes this one, and then hopefully works with some young talent.
Winner: Sting

Matthew Michaels: They can’t have Hunter go over here, can they?
Winner: Sting

Brittney: this is a toss up. Will they make Triple H a threat and have him win or will Sting show why he is the Icon and show how great he can be and pull off the win? Triple H is part of the Authority who usually get what they want but this time around, with all the hype of Sting’s in ring debut being at Wrestlemania I’m voting that Sting will win this match and send Triple H into an angry rage.
Winner: Sting

Pat Metalhead : Lots of people are predicting Triple H here although I’m not sure what that will accomplish. Gonna go with Sting myself and hope that will lead to some changes or whatever in the Authority on RAW.
Winner : Sting because Triple H isn’t Chloe Dykstra.

Penny: Tripsy has shown he’s willing to job when it’s right, like last year with Bryan. And I can’t imagine they’d go to all this trouble to get Sting to FINALLY do an in-ring program with WWE after nearly three decades just to job him out.
Winner; Sting

Brian Mitarotondo: Sting wins, but look for an Authority beat down after the match.
Winner: Sting

Paltrowitz: I expect Triple H to win through a screwy finish, then some sort of re-match where Sting comes out victorious with a protected legacy.
Winner: Triple H

Widro – While it might seem as if HHH could pull some trickery, it doesn’t seem to do him any good with fans or backstage to take a win here. Sting needs the win in his first and possibly only WWE match.
Winner: Sting


The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

CB: I had a thought the other day: If Bray Wyatt beats The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar retains the title, I would have Wyatt win Money In The Bank in June and immediately announce that he’s cashing in at SummerSlam against Lesnar in a clash between the two guys who beat Taker at Mania. The New Face of Fear vs. The Beast Incarnate has a nice ring to it, and Triple H is VERY high on Wyatt. So…
Winner: Bray Wyatt

David Spain: It seems like the WWE have written themselves into a corner; it’s a neat example of a great hypothetical match having a tonne of practical problems. Undertaker has to recover from his Lesnar-ing from last year; if Bray gives him his second loss in a row, then it means a fraction more than nothing. At the same time, Bray can’t lose to Taker now that the Streak’s gone; all that does is take away any glory in his attempt and finally kill his momentum forever. Looking at this pragmatically, the best case scenario is that Bray gets a win that is little more than meaningless, because he has what the Undertaker does not: potential. And I don’t think the WWE are going to do it.
Winner: The Undertaker

Matthew Michaels: I know the popular feeling is to have Taker get back in the win column here, but I really think you have Wyatt win here and “start a new streak.” If Reigns stays babyface, he can then challenge him. Or Wyatt vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam as the two people who beat the Undertaker at Mania. Taker can then have one final match (and win it) before he retires in Dallas next year.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Brittney: The Undertaker will show Wyatt what real fear is. Expect lots of special effects and creepy moments but then the Undertaker will show why he’s been so prominent over the years. He is a true living legend and will get the win. If Wyatt wins I feel it will be somewhat disrespectful to have the streak end, followed by losing his first match in a year. I understand the push a win could bring for Wyatt but still…don’t destroy the Deadman to do it.
Winner: The Undertaker

Pat Metalhead : I don’t know, this one is very confusing to me. I’ve been hearing all kinds of people saying : « yeah but we can’t do story-lines like we used too because keyfabe is dead and people won’t buy it. » and then they go and have the Undertaker accept Wyatt’s challenge by shooting lighting out of his ass. Very confusing. And still somehow better than anything they did for the Main Event (except Heyman of course). This will have the most epic entrances, but for the rest ? Wyatt should win, ‘Taker probably will win but I’m still going with Wyatt because … Hell i don’t know, just because.
Winner : Wyatt because he has the nicest fireflies or something.

Penny: This is clearly the match for Taker to pass the torch. While it would have meant more for Taker to job to Bray if he hadn’t stupidly given the streak ending job to Lesnar for no justifiable reason last year because Vince is a goddamned idiot these days, it will still be a huge rub for Taker to job in his likely last match ever to the next generation of spooky bastards.
Winner; Bray Wyatt

Brian Mitarotondo: Undertaker gets the win here, despite not needing it.
Winner: Undertaker

Paltrowitz: The Undertaker obviously has this one. Otherwise, he couldn’t come back for the big finale next year.
Winner: The Undertaker

Widro – It makes me wonder if they thought the Undertaker would be back for this year, because ending the streak took so much luster off his appearance this time. I can’t see Bray winning here.
Winner: Undertaker


Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

CB: I feel like this match is anti-climactic based on the Orton beatdown on Rollins that occurred on Raw a couple of weeks ago. If I had to guess, Rollins wins via shenanigans of some kind, then Orton RKO’s everyone to get his heat back.
Winner: Seth Rollins

David Spain: This could go either way, really, and in a fairly positive fashion. If Rollins wins, it’s further momentum for his dickish escapades; if Orton takes the match, then that’s a hot and violent face in a good position to face, say, the newly re-signed Lesnar? We can but hope. Personally, I think Randy wins this one, so Seth’s fast-approaching cash-in is slightly more of a surprise.
Winner: Randy Orton

Matthew Michaels: Rollins really should win here. Randy’s gotten his revenge several times over at this point. That said, if Rollins is going to be champion one day, which I think is a strong possibility, having Orton win here sets up a future match, which is how they tend to think so…
Winner: Randy Orton

Brittney: Seth Rollins has used everything and everyone he can to avoid Orton. In this match, there really is no escape unless he wants to have a loss at Wrestlemania on his record. Orton will take out J&J, beat on Seth and The Viper will pull the win and get his revenge.
Winner: Orton

Pat Metalhead : This one shouldn’t be bad, Orton and Rollins are both guys who can go in the ring, I would go with Rollins but I know Orton is almost certainly taking this one. While thinking about various scenario’s I had this funny idea where Ambrose would win the IC title, help Rollins out, Rollins somehow interjecting himself in the US title picture with his briefcase and taking it from Cena and then both joining Reigns and helping him beat Lesnar for the reforming of The Shield as a Super-Heel Stable holding all singles Championships. Yes, I know, stop dreaming.
Winner : Orton because we can all trust him.

Penny: This is my piss break match honestly, since Two Strikes bores me to death aside of the obligatory #RKOOuttaNowhere spots. I like Rollins, but not enough to sit through a Two Strikes match.
Winner; DGAF

Brian Mitarotondo: Rollins wins with a lot of help from the Authority.
Winner: Rollins

Paltrowitz: Seth Rollins, as the Money In The Bank winner, has to win this one. After all, he’s “the future” of WWE.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Widro – With all of the beatings Rollins has taken on TV heading into this match, I feel like this could be the match without a happy face ending. I’m going to pick Rollins to pick up a win here.
Winner: Rollins


US Title
Rusev (c) vs. John Cena

CB: John Cena: I’m Americannnnn. Rusev: I’m Russiannnnn. Man, Max Landis nailed it, except this shit is still going on NOW, not just in the 1980s and 1990s. This won’t happen, but the only interesting idea I could come up with is Sheamus returns here to cost Cena the match, forming the Irish-Russian Alliance against Cena, otherwise known as IRAC. Of course, as Max Landis reminded us, Cena never fucking loses…
Winner: John Cena

David Spain: Is it really time for the great star-spangled patriotism boner to rise over the American skies? Unfortunately yes. John Cena don’t lose at WrestleMania to a guy whose finisher is a submission. Cena’s going to take that belt and, we can but hope, do some good with it. And hey, Rusev’s had a decent run; hopefully he’ll be treated better than Bray was last year.
Winner: John Cena

Matthew Michaels: If Reigns was a strong babyface going into Mania, I’d say the easy answer here is to have Rusev retain convincingly and set up a title vs. title match with Roman down the road. He only has to hold the title a few more months to beat Dean Ambrose’s record for longest WWE reign. But Roman isn’t over as a babyface. SO… Let’s put the belt on Cena in a way that doesn’t ruin Rusev’s allure, and elevate the US belt further by having John wear it.
Winner: John Cena

Brittney: we will see a mean, intense version of Cena. It’ll be a close match. Cena will win to end Rusev’s streak. If he’s not in the main event he will most likely win to show he is still a favorite of the company. Rusev will have Lana back in his corner (she is slated to be there) and she may interfere in the match but I can’t see Rusev keeping his streak or his title, after Wrestlemania.
Winner: Cena

Pat Metalhead : I had two reasons for watching this but know they’re telling me Lana isn’t going to be there (probably) so both of those reasons are gone? Snif…
Winner : Cena because Spoiler.

Penny: I’m going to buck the trend here, assuming everyone else is calling it for Cena. But while I acknowledge that it’s sadly likely Cena will win here, there’s a part of me hoping that, based on everything we’ve been given so far in this feud, that either by shenanigans or just because they want to paint Rusev as a true monster, Cena might just come up short. Of course if I’m wrong I won’t be too disappointed, since I pretty much just expect the WWE to destroy any faith I ever have in their ability to not be predictable.
Winner and still Champion; Rusev (though probably really Cena wins)

Brian Mitarotondo: Cena wins.
Winner: Cena

Paltrowitz: John Cena’s losing streak needs to stop, or else he’s going to seem weak. As the U.S. Champion, it would be a way to simultaneously elevate that title and move him down the card in a graceful way.
Winner: Rusev

Widro – I don’t think Rusev losing to Cena is as big a loss as people might think, he will still be over as a heel.
Winner: Cena


AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie)

CB: #GiveDivasAChance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winners: AJ Lee and Paige, in a 30-minute classic

David Spain: Again, I’ll say that it’s a shame that the Divas Title isn’t seeing a defence here. But, no matter how far a distance we have to go, the fact that there’s going to be a decent match that’s not just putting women in the show for the sake of fanservice and obligation. I think this could be a fun watch, and AJ or Paige screwing over their partner leaves the possibility for a Divas grudge match and a Divas title match on the same card next month. But it doesn’t seem likely.
Winner: AJ Lee and Paige

Matthew Michaels: Easy booking here is have the babyfaces get a pin on Nikki, and set up a future title match.
Winner: AJ & Paige

Brittney: Brie spoke for more than five seconds in what felt like the first time in forever on Smackdown and she brought up the previous bad blood between herself and her twin. I’m sensing a Bella betrayal. Paige and AJ can win without the betrayal and it’s time the Bella’s lose. The attitude is part of their characters but I honestly can’t be the only one annoyed with their arrogance.
Winner: AJ Lee & Paige

Pat Metalhead : I actually liked they way they build this one (credit where credit is due). The potential for friction between both duo’s at least adds a reasonable amount of intrigue. Another good news is that, because of the length of the show, the girls are actually (probably) gonna have some time to put on something good here. There should be able to pull it off too.
Winner : AJ Lee and Paige because I dig crazy chicks.

Penny: Let this finally be the year the Divas kick ass and steal the show and actually get 20 minutes to shine. All four women here have been working hard and the crowds have been into it. But Nikki IS injured and will need to take time off soon, so I’ll call a GothPunk victory, followed by the victors turning on each other.
Winners; AJ and Paige followed by a dustup.

Brian Mitarotondo: The Bellas win here. Paige walks out on AJ during the match.
Winner: The Bellas

Paltrowitz: No matter how staged the finale of “Total Divas” was, it’s unlikely that The Bella Twins will both be active competitors for another three years. I foresee AJ Lee and Paige winning this, after so many screwy finishes against a Bella, and then continuing their feud.
Winner: AJ Lee and Paige

Widro – It’s disappointing that the Diva’s match is a tag match, and involves the Bellas.
Winner: Bellas


Intercontinental Title Ladder Match
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Stardust

CB: As much as I’d love to see Daniel Bryan win, I have a feeling that Dean Ambrose will take the Intercontinental Title here. Bryan doesn’t need this belt, and Ambrose seemed to care about being on that WWE Wall of Fame a lot during the snowed in Raw (thanks to Swayze for reminding me about that). Besides, Bryan can get back into the WWE title picture after WrestleMania, hopefully at least.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

David Spain: I think the clear choice here is Dolph Ziggler: he’s proved that he can do good things with the belt in the past; he needs that little push to elevate him to the next level and, if he wins the match, he can feud with Bryan for a couple of months, which is just perfection. It has to be Dolph: no question.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Matthew Michaels: I think Stardust will be taken out by his brother… Truth can’t win this… If Barrett wins, it just brings everyone in this match down to the low level he’s inhabited, unfortunately… Luke Harper would be interesting but kinda underwhelming… And Ziggler needs more than a win here to recover from recent booking. Therefore, the winner has to be Ambrose or Bryan. My money’s on Bryan, as he’s the best draw here, fans will be happy, and he can headline house shows as IC champ, maybe bringing some luster back to the belt once held by Hart, Steamboat, et. al.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Brittney: this can go a few ways, depending on what WWE wants to happen. If Daniel Bryan wins its a consolation prize to fans who want him in the WWE World Heavyweight title match. Barrett may be the first to retain the IC title in 14 years at Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler may win if WWE believes they’ll bring prominence back. Etc…etc… In the long run, and as a self admitted fan of Ziggler &Ambrose I’m hoping one of these two wins. With their fanbase on the rise and WWE trying to change up who the face of the WWE is I think they’ll keep Daniel Bryan from the win this time and we’ll see Ziggler or Ambrose pull out the win.
Winner: Ziggler or Ambrose

Pat Metalhead : Same thing as with the Diva’s, I was fearing this one just being given ten minutes or so but that shouldn’t happen, so they will have enough time to tell some kind of story. Given the talent involved this should be the match of the night (but I don’t know if that is saying much on this card).
Difficult to pick a winner here, there are pro’s and contra’s for almost anyone but it should spawn some interesting rivalries in the aftermath.
Winner : Bryan because they need the crowd to go Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! At least once.

Penny: Based on how they’ve been building up this match, it seems a lock to either be Bryan or Zigglypuff, assuming they and the other 5 don’t irreparably cripple themselves trying to steal the show. I expect to see no less than 5 utterly winceworthy cringe-inducing spots to make me wonder how in the bloody blue fuck they aren’t dead yet.
Winner and new IC Champion; Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler

Brian Mitarotondo: Daniel Bryan wins in an attempt to pacify the crowd. It will not work.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Paltrowitz: Daniel Bryan is what I’m hoping for, but Ambrose winning is what I’m expecting.
Winner: Ambrose

Widro – This should be a great match with some cool highspots and could be the best match of the night.
Winner: Bryan


Andre The Giant Battle Royal

CB: I believe that there are 3 likely candidates to win this match: Ryback, a returning Sheamus (if he doesn’t end up interfering elsewhere), and Damien Mizdow (after eliminating The Miz and FINALLY giving us the payoff to this storyline). I think Mizdow does eliminate Miz, but this will come down to Ryback vs. Sheamus. Ryback will win, Sheamus will shake his hand and then SNAP, turn heel and beat Ryback down to set up Sheamus’ return feud.
Winner: Ryback

David Spain: For the love of God…
Winner: Ryback

Matthew Michaels: Final four: Hideo Itami, Sheamus, Miz and Mizdow.

Brittney: this match really is, unfortunately, looking like an after thought in the booking. I hope Damien Mizdow wins and this starts the rivalry with The Miz. If this is not meant to be perhaps Ryback, Rowan or someone from NXT will win. With Finn Balor, Tyler Breeze, Hideo Itami or Adrienne Neville slated to battle for a spot in the Battle Royal maybe one of these guys will win the whole thing. Depending on who wins the spot I think it will be great for a NXT competitor to win and push them onto the main roster.
Winner: Damien Mizdow

Pat Metalhead : It’s saying something about a match when the only article about it I could find was one saying model Amber Rose was game for escorting Goldust for his entrance because of some retweeted photo’s apparently. Allow me a sigh here… Sigh. No idea who will win, should probably read over the entrance list and take a pick but too lazy to do it so…
Winner : KENTA because they should all kiss the ground he walks on.

Penny: Mizdow and Miz end up being the final two and we’ll FINALLY get our long awaited, (and at least 4 months overdue) Mizdow Face Turn.
Winner; Mizdow No More

Brian Mitarotondo: Ryback wins because………..why not? If we learned anything from Cesaro winning last year, it’s that this means nothing.
Winner: Ryback

Paltrowitz: A Damien Mizdow victory is my guess on this one.
Winner: Mizdow

Widro – The inclusion of Itami is very interesting, but I still am not sure he will take it. I could see Damien Mizdow winning, but I’m going to predict Sheamus returns and picks up a win.
Winner: Sheamus


WWE Tag Team Title Match
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. Los Matadores vs. The New Day

CB: Cesaro and Kidd should retain their titles … and they will.
Winners: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. Los Matadores vs. The New Day
David Spain: I love the Usos; they pair up well enough with any team. But I don’t think that the Kidd and Cesaro run is over yet, and it shouldn’t be. Let them get a WrestleMania win and stay in the sun some more.
Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Matthew Michaels: I wonder if they’ll have the Ascension or Lucha Dragons – or even someone like the Dudleyz – get involved here at all, since this tag division is so in need of a boost. That said, I’d like to see something new, so…
Winner: Los Matadores!

Brittney: tough call. I think either Cesaro & Kidd retain or the Usos win.No offense to the New Day or Los Matadores but they haven’t been threats to anyone lately. Despite their talent neither team has gained enough momentum to warrant a win at Wrestlemania.
Winner: Cesaro & Kidd

Pat Metalhead : So the main rivalry here was between… Natalya and El Torito ? Way to go to shine up those Title Belts. On the plus side this shouldn’t be bad, but we’ll see, just hoping they reduce the Natalya/El Torito love story to a minimum and let these guys showcase their skills.
Winner : The Uso’s because I like Naomi better than Natalya (hey if they are allowed to find stupid reasons to do things, so am I).

Penny: Too soon to dethrone Kiddsaro, so they win. Easy Peasy.
Winners and still champions; Kiddsaro

Brian Mitarotondo: Clusterf*ck of a match ends with Cesaro & Kidd retaining.
Winner: Cesaro & Kidd

Paltrowitz: Cesaro & Kidd will retain because…they’re against two jobber tag teams and one tag team that has an injured person in it.
Winner: Mizdow

Widro – It’s interesting that Los Matadores are in this match 2 years in a row. It’s also interesting that the Ascension is not. I think the champs retain here.
Winners: Cesaro & Kidd

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