Writer-Artist Scott Kolins Announces Adam.3 From Dark Horse! Fans Of Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter Warlord Of Mars & Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Rejoice!

On his facebook page, one of my all-time fave writer artists, Scott Kolins announced his latest mini-series. It is Adam.3 and his taken it to Dark Horse.

Adam.3 by Scott Kolins at Dark Horse

Here is what Scott Kolins had to say.

    This is it, ladies and gentlemen: Announcing “ADAM.3” A sci-fi jungle action comic book created, written, drawn, and colored by Scott Kolins – premiering August 2015 from Dark Horse Comics. Over twelve years in the making – the five story mixes the sci-fi of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four and John Carpenter’s The Thing in a primordial Burroughs-ish landscape with a pinch of “The Herculoids” zeal. This is Scott Kolins’ first solo creation – and a dream come true. Please tell all your friends!!

    Thank you and goodnight.


Comics Bulletin has an interview up with Scott Kolins where additional art was revealed.

Adam.3 art 1 Adam.3 art 2

Adam.3 art 3 Adam.3 art 4

I am excited. As fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, particularly John Carter Warlord of Mars, I am loving the concept. Any time you also add Jack Kirby’s Fourth World into to the mix, you have my attention.

Wow. This looks good.

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