Ronda Rousey News: WWE Planning On Wrestlemania 32 w/Two Major Match Possibilities


Ronda Rousey was a surprise guest at Wrestlemania 31 where she and The Rock confronted HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

There are two matches being talked about for Wrestlemania 32 involving Rousey.

One would be a singles match of some kind against Stephanie McMahon.

The other would be a mixed tag team match teaming Rousey with The Rock against Stephanie and her husband Triple H.

Neither have been signed, but with Dana White’s reaction to the Rousey appearance, it appears that WWE and UFC are at least on the surface on friendly terms.

Rousey tweeted about it:

Cool pic of Rousey with AJ Lee and Paige:

Which was taken by the Rock!

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