The TRA Open Standings – Post WrestleMania 31

Well! After what I felt was a pretty sub-par WrestleMania with an awesome main event, let’s see where we are after the first PPV of the first ever TRA Open! Thanks to our 20 entrants! Hope you guys can keep chiming in for future PPV’s, we could make a good contest out of this.

Before I post the results, a couple interesting notes:

  • Lesnar / Reigns had everyone split almost right down the middle, with 11 people predicting Reigns, and 9 predicting Lesnar. Even more interesting, as you know, NO ONE got any points for the main event.
  • Literally EVERYONE figured Sting would win. Because… y’know, that’s what would make sense. So NO ONE got any points here either.
  • 13 out of 20 people predicted Seth Rollins to win. This was a pretty big difference-maker in terms of points.
  • The vast majority picked Bryan, AJ & Paige, and Kidd & Cesaro to win. Those who picked other people missed out… like I did on 2 out of those 3.
  • No one got any more than 5 points, and no one got less than 2. This means that everyone is tied between 1st and 4th place – guessing this will space out as we go through more PPV’s.

Tied for 1st Place…

Joel 5
Spain 5
Zork 5
Bastard 5
Bad Ry 5
Gojira 5
Mecca 5
Jared 5

Tied for 2nd Place…

Kue 4
Chris 4
Sawyer 4
Widro 4
Beardsley 4
Metalhead 4
Vincent 4
Stuart 4

Tied for 3rd Place…

17 CB 3
18 Crow 3
19 BD 3

And in last place… UNDISPUTED LAST PLACE… sorry buddy…

… wait for it…

20 Swayze 2


I’m tied for second-last place… in my own Open! Fucking HHH and Orton… and Big Show? Seriously?

I fully expect this to get interesting over the next few months. Please keep checking in before the PPV’s, I will have something up after the final SmackDown taping before the PPV so I can get all the matches in one article. With 20 people, this could be an interesting tournament.

So make sure to check back with us around BackLash time, and make your predictions on the impending DX / nWo Steel Cage Deathmatch… by which I mean it is likely someone may actually die in the ring.

Keep it trashy!


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