WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Report For 3/30/15: The RAW After Wrestlemania


Hello!  My name is Vincent and I will be your temporary RAW Coverage type person tonight since last week was Justin C’s last time recapping.

The Inside Pulse Wrestling team would like to wish him well in his future endeavors.


We are LIVE in San Jose, CA at the SAP Center!

Your Announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T and JBL.

Here Comes the Rematch?

We open up to Brock Lesnar coming out with Paul and Lesnar is in fighting gear, looking quite mad with scars and all from last night.  Cole gives us a quick recap of last night’s match with Seth Rollins turning it into a Triple Threat with the Money in the Bank contract and taking home the title.  Heyman’s intro even has anger behind it as he is charged up.  He says that what he said came true as his client put a beating on the Samoan like no one had seen before.   Many suplexes were given.  “Suplex City” chant from the crowd.  Brock loves it.  Heyman replies, “Or as my client said, “Suplex City, BITCH.””  He brings up how Reigns smiled at all of the pain that was given and that he won’t spend tonight singing his praises.  He almost earned Lesnar’s praise, but not quite.  Lesnar put him up on his shoulder for an F5, and here comes “Slimy disgusting little Seth Rollins.”  He cashed in Money in the Bank and Curb Stomps everyone in sight and scores a pinfall, not on the champion, and scurries away.  He says that the crowd knows that his father was an attorney.   Heyman will take it to court, reverse the decision and hold the title up.  However, Brock thinks that all lawyers are scumbags, he doesn’t want to tie up the WWE in litigation and wants to use his rematch clause.  This match will not happen at Summer Slam, next year’s Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules or Payback.  No, this is going to happen TONIGHT.  Crowd goes nuts for this as the Yes chant starts.

What they get though is Stephanie McMahon out onto the stage.  She says that everyone is so ready to move past Wrestlemania.  It was unbelievable.   She brings up the new attendance record.  She says that the match was one of the best she had ever seen.  He took it to Roman Reigns completely.  However, Reigns also took it to him.  “Rhonda Rousey” chant starts.  She then asks if they want the rematch tonight, the crowd cheers.  If they want it, they need not to make her mad.  The champ had to fly out to New York to do the Today Show.  It was supposed to be Lesnar, but it just didn’t happen.  Rollins did a good job.  But he is still in the air.  He will no doubt be up to Lesnar’s challenge though.  Heyman picks it up, saying that Lesnar will be wrestling for the first time in a decade on Raw.  He will make a pin or submission on Seth Rollins.  Lilian will not make the announcement, but Heyman will announce that the new champion will be Brock Lesnar.

Back to the announcers as they state that Cena is now giving an open challenge for the US Title tonight.  Also, Dolph Ziggler will face Daniel Bryan for the IC Title…after this…


We come back to pictures from Wrestlemania last night, including the hilarious HHH entrance.  Wait.  Was that supposed to be intimidating?

To the arena and we have Bryan on the corner, leading the Yes chants in the building.  Ziggler doesn’t even get an entrance?  Really?  At least we finally get that match that was much talked about on Twitter.

IC Title Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Bad News Barrett is on commentary as they start in the ring, jockeying for position.  Test of Strength to lead us off as they dance a bit with each other in the middle of the ring.  Opposing chants in the crowd.  Barrett brings up that he should have his rematch clause.  But he will do it when it is convenient.  Armbar on Ziggler, he fights out and they go at each other on the mat with a pin attempt from Ziggler before they break it up.  Circling again, they lock up and the crowd is already chanting that “This is Awesome.”  Massive headbutt to Bryan in the corner from Ziggler, bringing up the headbutting from last night’s match.  Haymakers back and forth before Bryan starts to set up a surfboard.  He locks it on and Bryan reaches up and bends Ziggler down.  Ziggler counters by bringing Bryan’s jaw to the top of his head.  Bryan throws Ziggler into the corner for a few shots.  Ziggler reverses into the other corner where Bryan jumps away over Ziggler and they come together again before Ziggler sends them both over the top rope and into our next…


And we are back with Ziggler holding Bryan in a headlock, also grinding at Bryan’s face with his forearm.  During the break, Ziggler gave Bryan a short pile driver.  Back to action as suddenly Bryan takes control and we have corner to corner knees to Ziggler.  Barrett says for them to keep it up.  Both men to the top as Bryan dodges through Ziggler’s legs and knocks him onto the top turnbuckle.  Climbing up behind him, Bryan sets him up and a BIG suplex from the top rope.  Goes for the pin and Ziggler kicks out.  “This is Awesome” again.  Bryan sets up Ziggler and starts to deliver his kicks to a kneeling Ziggler.  The last one is ducked and Ziggler goes for a rollup.  Bryan tries for the Yes Lock, turned into a pin by Ziggler for 2.  Bryan bridges out and they end up hooked up back to back before Ziggler sends him to a turnbuckle.  Bryan shoos him off before he runs into a superkick from Bryan.  The crowd is going NUTS.  This is nothing but amazing for the IC title.  Yes chants as the two start to get back up, trading blows from a kneeling position.  They both get to their feet, still trading.  Now they switch to headbutts.  Ziggler gets the last one in, but the running knee knocks Ziggler down for the pin!

Winner and STILL Champion: Daniel Bryan

Barrett then runs off of commentary to knock Bryan out and sets him up for the Bullhammer.  Sheamus’ music kicks in and…wow.  He is now sporting some sort of mohawk and braided beard.  He chases off Barrett only to give Bryan the Brogue Kick.  He then goes after Ziggler in the corner with kicks and punches.  It seems we are back to heel Sheamus.  Ziggler tries to fight back, only to get White Noise for his trouble.  Close up on Sheamus that I never need to see again.  Wow.  That look, man.  “Asshole” chant starts out.  Then one for “You Look Stupid” as Ziggler eats a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus grabs the mic, saying that he’s back.  Drops the mic.  Evidently, he is in the IC title hunt now.  But…that look.

We get previews for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Rematch tonight.  Sting will have an exclusive interview on the WWE Network after Raw.  We then look at the inductees for the Hall of Fame when we come back.


Seriously.  That Look.


(Source: WWE Twitter)

Coming back we get another montage of some winners from last night and some of the more interesting entrances.  The Rousey picture gets an audible cheer.

Back to the announcers as they intro a package for the Hall of Fame and some of the better quotes from all of the inductees and inductors.  A focus is put on the induction of Connor the Crusher, which is very special.  The ceremony will follow Raw on USA.  So pick.  The Hall of Fame or Sting.

In the ring we have a new match setting up with Cesaro and Kidd, the Ascension, New Day and the LUCHA DRAGONS.  The crowd gets into the chant!

The Ascension and Cesaro and Tyson Kidd v. New Day and Lucha Dragons

We start off with Cesaro and Sin Cara, Cesaro going for an early pin as a chant for him starts up in the crowd.  Cesaro with most of the offense before Sin Cara takes him down for a pin for 2.  Kalisto gets a tag in and the crowd goes nuts for it!  Kalisto and Cesaro go into an amazing series that has the crowd chanting and cheering.  Cesaro tags out to Konnor and Kalisto tags out to Big E.  Much slower pace before Big E tags in Kofi, flying from the top and getting two.  Armbar as Kofi tags in Sin Cara.  Konnor takes Sin Cara to the corner with kicks as an NXT chant breaks out.  Viktor in with control over Sin Cara before tagging Konnor back in for a double team slam on Sin Cara as we head to…


Very hard to keep up with these teams but it is extremely fun to watch.  Out of my peripheral vision.

We are back with Kidd and Sin Cara in just before Kidd tags in Cesaro with a BIG Censor before the swing.  Kidd quickly tags in for a pin attempt, only getting two.  Konnor is tagged in as he takes control of Sin Cara before an enzigiri leads to a hot tag to Kofi and Kidd.  Kofi taking out the other team and Kidd before landing a Boom Drop on Kidd.  Kofi tries to pump up the crowd, they chant back “New.  Day Sucks.”  Kofi collides with Kidd and is nearly pinned, getting 2.  Viktor in and nearly eats a pin after arguements.  Kalisto in with antother tag and he takes off on Viktor.  Goes for 2, Cesaro breaks it up!  Cesaro in to break it.  Big E in to take out Cesaro!  PANDEMONIUM leads to the heels exiting the ring the hardway to the outside!  Lucha Dragons are left with Viktor as Kalisto hits Salida del Sol for the win!

Winner: New Day and Lucha Dragons

Big time promotion for NXT from this match.  Amazing work.

Back to Brock Lesnar as Heyman tells him that “He’s Here, let’s go.”  They head out as we go to a promo for Adrian Neville.  He’s coming to the main roster, then.  Should be interesting if they give him a chance there.


Another montage brings us back, starting with the new champ, the ladder match, the nWo getting a reaction from the crowd, Undertaker and…that entrance from HHH.  Dear God.

To the arena and we have Lesnar!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Michael Cole says there is one person he doesn’t want to be.  And that is Seth Rollins.  Lesnar is in a mood.  Just noticed that the Ring Apron-tron has made it to Raw.  Nice!

Waiting for Rollins, and here he comes.  Rollins has a grin on his face as he and J&J celebrate on the ramp.  Lesnar still has the intensity.  They bring up again that this is the first time that Lesnar is fighting on Raw for 10 years.  Rollins gets up in Lesnar’s face as it looks like he wants to tear the champ apart.  Heyman has to control him and hold him back as we get our introductions.  Lesnar dances away the anger in his corner during the intros.  The belt is in generic mode with no personal plates on it.  Uh oh.  Rollins doesn’t hand the belt to the ref and leaves the ring.  He grabs a mic.  He then says that he spoke with Steph before he came out, saying he is feeling jet lagged.  His foot kinda hurts tonight from Curb Stomping them both.  So, he’s a fighting champion and going to give him his rematch…just…not tonight.  Lesnar charges out at Rollins!  Knocks him down.  Forces him back into the ring.  Rollins tries to escape only to eat a german…that Rollins flips out of!  Kick to Lesnar!  Lesnar looks angry as Rollins bails again only to get caught in the setup for an F5.  J&J saves him and he runs away.  Commentary table eats their own table!  Mercury goes over the Spanish table!  Noble goes into the barricade!  Lesnar brings what looks to be Michael Cole into the ring and he eats an F5!  “Holy Shit” chant!  He drags the Camera man over the top rope and sets him up for an F5 before Steph comes out saying to put him down and saying he will get his rematch.  Steph pleads, but the camera man ends up eating the F5.  Steph then says that Brock is suspended indefinitely.  He has to get out NOW.  NOW…


(Source: WWE Twitter)


She then rushes out as they look at the carnage around the ring.  The announcers are knocked out where they are.  Crowd chant of “one more time” as Lesnar then picks up the camera man again to deliver a second F5, then fumes as he leaves the ring, leaving paramedics to run out with a stretcher for Cole.



We are back to silence as we witness the destruction that Lesnar left behind him.  Silent recap of what happened between Lesnar and Rollins beside the ring along with the ensuing chaos and suspension.  My suspicions were correct.  It was Cole that ate an F5 with the cheers of the audience.

Cole is on the stretcher as well as the camera man as we go back to the back.  Stephanie is stopped for an interview.  She says, “Did you see what he just did?”  She had no choice but to suspend him.  Lesnar will get his rematch when she says.  She needs to hit him where it hurts.  Not just a suspension, but a big fine.  He can’t run to MMA again due to the contract he announced on SportsCenter.  You know what that means?  “I own that Son of a Bitch.”  Steph, out.

The card comes up listing the Open Challenge by Cena again with no announcers to talk about it, so we go to…


Back to the Arena as we are left with Byron Saxton as the Last Announcer Standing as he explains the situation.  Stardust is already out with his ridiculous cape.  He is up against who comes out next, Damien Mizdow.  We then get a recap of Mizdow’s “Moment of Truth.”  Really weird that he is still using the gimmick.

Damien Mizdow vs. Stardust

Crowd is nuts for Mizdow’s sunglasses coming off before Stardust takes him out to silence them.  Mizdow takes Stardust to the corner, then to the ropes to take him down.  Mizdow eating up the crowd’s cheers as he picks up Stardust again only for him to take control.  Takes Mizdow to the corner and tries to get praise, only getting a Cody Chant.  Stardust picks up Mizdow and drops him onto the mat.  He starts reacting adversely to the Cody chant finally, moving to lock Mizdow into a headlock.  Mizdow fights out and throws Stardust to the ropes, only to eat another headlock, fighting out of THAT to deliver the Skull Crushing Finale.  That’s a win for Mizdow!

Winner: Damien Mizdow

Miz is out immediately to knock out Mizdow and yell at his prone form.  That he gave him everything and he ruined the Miz.  It was his trophy and his night.  He was nothing without the Miz.  He is number one, he is the leading man, Mizdow is nothing.  Miz then turns to the crowd, saying that they did it.  They caused it.  Saxton awkwardly tries to explain everything.  It’s almost painful as he then pitches the Exclusive Interview with Sting that is going up against the Hall of Fame.

We are then taken back to last night with the Rock/Rhonda Rousey confrontation with HHH/Stephanie.  We will go over that after the…


Is it just me or is Saxton’s mic turned down to nil?  He seems WAY lacking in confidence.

We are back to headlines from Wrestlemania, including the confrontation between the Authority and Rock/Rhonda Rousey.  Was not expecting a Vegeta shirt from one of the top fighters in the world.  But there you go.  Back to Saxton at his lonely upturned table as we throw to the week leading up to Wrestlemania in San Francisco.  This includes all of the media hype leading up including talk shows and the SportsCenter as well as SNL.  We also get a look at Axcess as all of the superstars get sound bytes about the event.  We also get the charity events over the past weekend.  Very good stuff that they do for kids.

Back to the ring and we have Curtis Axel.  Don’t change the channel.  It took 29 men to eliminate him last night.  He pumps up the crowd right before Adrian Neville’s music starts up!  His premiere is tonight!  Complete with a glitched entrance tron.  Thanks WWE.


(Source: WWE Twitter)

He is just being called Neville as another first name bites the dust.  He is being called “The Man that Gravity Forgot.”  Wow.

Adrian Neville vs. Curtis Axel

Axel tries to get a cheap shot, only to get thrown out, then dove upon by Neville.  He throws Axel back in and the bell is rung.  They trade control in the corner, go to the other only for Neville to flip out of it.  Flying body press into Axel as the offense is going faster than I can even think!  Axel is out in the corner and gets splashed by Neville.  Saxton calmly gets us excited for the next move as we get the Red Arrow to finish off Axel with no problems.

Winner: Neville

We get a slow motion replay of the Red Arrow from a few different angles as it looks like they are looking to push him hard here on the Main Roster.  Thank goodness.  We are then reminded of the Open Challenge to John Cena and that is coming up Next.


During the break, we get a promo for the Jericho podcast making it’s way to the WWE Network with the New US Champion John Cena for a guest.  So…he’s not losing it tonight then?  Good?

Back to showing the wrecked desk as Saxton explains why it is so, in case you are just joining us.  We are shown the carnage again.  The amazing, amazing carnage.  Heyman looking troubled as it is happening is awesome.

Concussions are discussed as well as Cole having a possible injury.  Cena comes out to the singing “John Cena Sucks” chant.  Did they just try to censor it?  He comes back out to make sure that it is him.  It is.  Boos as he gets into the ring as he shrugs it all off, holding the belt to the crowd.  As the chorus comes back around, the chant starts back up in the background.  New Champ is Here shirt.  Awesome.  Recap of the Wrestlemania match before Cena grabs a mic.

He says all night you are going to hear about Wrestlemania moments.  He agrees with the crowd, that they don’t get the respect they deserve that they are the best crowd of the year, which gets cheers.  They are loud, vocal and also budding musicians which brings up the singing chant again.  Catchy tune, but they are going to have a problem with this one.  “The Champ is Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.”  I held that for as long as he did.  He is not going to try to change anyone’s minds.  He wanted the title badly.  He wants to defend it right here, right now.  If anyone behind that Giant LED board wants some, they should come get some.  Saxton says, “Here comes Rusev.”  Which makes him a dirty liar because out comes Dean Ambrose.  Interesting.  Former champ himself, but is he really a threat to Cena?

US Title Match: John Cena (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Dean’s new name is “Dea Ambro” according to Lilian.  Great.  She has no problem with Cena’s name.  Lil’ Naitch holds up the title and we get a recap of the ladder match, showing the sick bump he took.  After this pause, the bell finally rings and we are off with Cena taking down Ambrose into a headlock.  Ambrose fights up to chants of “Let’s go Ambrose.”  Ambrose pushes Cena off of him, jockeying for position until Cena takes him down into a headlock again.  Ambrose fights up and gets thrown to the ropes, taken down by Cena for a pin of 1.  Another headlock before a series into the ropes, a take down by Ambrose before a pin attempt of 2.  Cena ducks out of the ring, a light heel tactic like he has been using recently before a…


Back to…another headlock.  What is this, an Orton match?  Lawler has joined Saxton, so we are at least going to get some talk during this match now.  Ambrose fights to control with a few take downs off of the ropes, sending him to the corner for a bulldog in the middle of the ring.  He goes to the top, leaps for a Cena dodge, Cena grabs him and sets him up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  While posing, he gets a kick to the face and Ambrose pops up and goes nuts on Ambrose.  Cena hits Ambrose back, rebounding to go for the clothesline before being knocked down for the Five Knuckle, getting hit this time.  Set up for the AA, only for Ambrose to sneak out and get a roll up for 2.  Ambrose gets pushed away during another exchange and hits the rebound this time for a pin of 2.  He starts to get fired up, setting Cena up for Dirty Deeds.

Cena goes for an AA to counter, Ambrose slipping out as they start to trade blows with the chants starting up.  Ambrose goes to the corner and Cena eats an elbow on a charge in before Ambrose plants him into the ring for a pin attempt of 2.  Cena rolls out again as Ambrose recovers.  Ambrose gives chase then as he goes to the top rope, leaping off with an elbow to Cena.  Ambrose gets up first and grabs Cena, getting him back to the ring as the crowd chants the count, followed by WOOs from the crowd.  Ambrose comes back in, Cena grabbing him.  AA!  Pin attempt and Ambrose kicks out at 2!  Crowd is rallying with an Ambrose chant as Cena looks frustrated.  He takes Ambrose to the corner, setting him up on the top for an AA off the middle rope.  Ambrose fights out and knocks Cena off, only for him to run back up Ambrose catching him and going for a powerbomb off the top which Cena looks to botch.  Ambrose has to redo it, getting reversed afterwards into the STF.  Ambrose crawls to the rope, grabbing it and forcing the break.  Cena looking even more frustrated.  “John Cena Sucks” chant starts again.  Cena lifts Ambrose for the AA, slipping out and putting Cena into the STF!  Cena is shocked!  Ambrose tries to grab at Cena’s hand as it reaches out, trying to keep him back.  Ambrose tries to drag him back in, getting set up for the AA, wiggling out and hitting Dirty Deeds for 2!  The crowd is HOT for this match!  Rightfully so!  “This is Awesome” chant starts.

Both men to their feet slowly, exchanging punches and kicks looking to be on Dream Street.  Ambrose with a Piper like wind up into a slap.  AA set up, Ambrose gets out, AA set up, he kicks out again.  Ambrose to the ropes and gets caught by Cena, up to an AA and finally gets it off for the 3 count.

Winner: John Cena

This was an AMAZING match and is great for this title as well.  I am loving the action behind the two minor titles as they start to focus on it more.  Lawler and the Soft Spoken Man go over the fight before Cena’s music stops with them in the ring.  Ambrose shakes his head as he gets up.  Lil’ Naitch gives Cena the belt.  Cena holds out his hand and gives a low five to Ambrose as Dean looks frustrated in the ring with his music playing us to another montage of the championship match between Lesnar and Reigns.  The two commentators fight over who is delivering the story, seemingly.

We then go back to Renee as she has Seth Rollins with her.  What are his thoughts on him being suspended?  He thinks that Brock is an animal and out of control.   How is he supposed to represent the WWE?  It is behavior unbecoming a WWE superstar and he should get a hefty seven figure fine.  As for his title, he earned Money in the Bank and he pulled it off perfectly.  Enough about Lesnar, let’s talk about how Seth Rollins is the new Champ and how he is going to keep it for a very long time.  Enter Randy, stage left.  How about we talk about how before the cash-in, he beat him.  And while the problem of Lesnar was taken away, he is still there.  Kane and Big Show walked up behind Rollins, with Seth saying that while Seth has one problem, it looks like Orton has three.  He then tells him that he has minutes to find two teammates to face them tonight.  He should have a ton of friends in the back, right?

Back to the arena as AJ comes out, wearing a Bailey shirt!  Nice.  Six Diva tag match is next, after this…


We come back to the Rock/Rhonda Rousey moment with a Rhonda tweet about how we will see more of them.

Six Diva Tag Match: AJ Lee, Naomi and Paige vs. Bella Twins and Natalya

Oh Right.  This involves covering Divas matches as well.  Crap.

Naomi and Natalya start us off with Natalya taking down Naomi, Naomi reversing before Natalya pops up, knocking Naomi down.  Natalya into the ropes before she stops for Naomi, going into the corner for a wicked butt rub in Natalya’s face, getting a pop somehow.  Natalya then takes control, ending with a baseball slide and kick to the face, getting a pin attempt of 2 in.  Brie is tagged in, knocking Naomi down for a pin attempt of 2.  Brie goes to the mat for a few holds, getting an arm bar on Naomi and holding her there.  Naomi fights up, only to get an elbow from Brie before taking her back down for another arm bar.  Naomi fights up again, hitting a drop kick and knocking Brie into Naomi’s corner, Naomi tagging in Paige.  Paige takes control before Brie knocks her down, Paige gaining control back for a bit.  Brie stops mid move and calls Paige a Loser.  Complete with hand L on the forehead.  WICKED BURN.  They then tumble to the outside as the rest of the Divas faceoff…into a…


On Twitter, we are notified by the WWE that Michael Cole has been taken to the hospital following Lesnar’s attack.  Did they wait a while on purpose?  “Stop laughing during Pay Per Views, or we won’t take you to the hospital,” the EMT said.  It’s how it is playing out in my head at least.

Aaaaand we are back to the action with Brie holding AJ in a submission move.  They are told they are back on and AJ starts to break out of the move.  We take a moment to look at the announce table again before getting back to the match at hand.  Natalya is now in, putting AJ back in a submission move.  What just happened?  AJ starts to fight out, only for Natalya to counter and take AJ down for a pin attempt.  Crowd is chanting but I can’t quite make it out.  Natalya takes AJ to their corner, tagging in Nikki and taking down AJ on her way out for Nikki to get a 2 on a pin attempt.  Nikki copies Rollins on the mocking pin attempt by AJ before pulling her back into…the same submission from earlier that Brie and Natalya had.  Well, consistency, I guess.  AJ fights out again, throwing Nikki away and trying to run for a tag, getting caught by Nikki and slammed to the mat for boos and a 2 count.  Nikki poses in the middle and puts AJ in an interesting looking submission, working on that back again.  She turns it into a surfboard backbreaker type move, but AJ counters into a pin attempt, getting 1.  Nikki pops up and takes out AJ’s corner.  AJ jumps on her back, Nikki backing her into a corner before AJ gets out and goes for the tag.  Nikki goes to stop her, AJ gettting a drop toe hold and a tag to Naomi.  She pulls off an Uso move and gets control before Nikki suddenly catches her, slamming her to the mat hard.  Then all the Divas go nuts.  Nikki is caught off guard as Brie knocks into her in confusion.  Nikki is distracted by this, yelling at Brie before Naomi delivers….the Rear View…and gets the pin.

Winners: AJ Lee, Naomi and Paige

We go out to the Brodus Clay theme and the faces dancing in the ring.  Perfect.  We then get another view of the wonderful destruction of the ringside area by Lesnar.  But…it is kind of getting old to show it over and over again.  I have to say, it is better with an announcer that has actual volume in his voice.

To the back and we see Orton getting ready…and Ryback is there.  “When it comes to feeding time, one thing the Big Guy can’t get enough of, is the Authority.”  He is offering his services to Orton for tonight.  Orton accepts.  3-on-2 now.


The new montage reminds me, loved the drums for Sting at Wrestlemania.

We are given a preview of Smackdown as Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan will take on Sheamus and Bad News.  We will also have Orton, Cena and Reigns.

In the ring, we have Golddust.  Coming out to meet him is Rusev, minus Lana.  This crowd will not like that.  This was of course likely due to the bump from last night.  Rusev does not look happy at all.

Rusev vs. Goldust

We are given an update on the announcers as they get started into the ring.  The two jockey for position until Rusev knocks Goldust as he goes for a move from the corner.  Rusev is clearly taking out frustration as he shows no control, brawling and going after Goldust in the corner.  Ref pulls him off for Goldust to come out, only to get knocked down by Rusev again as he stays on the offense.  He uses his knee to grind Goldust’s head into the ground until he finally starts to fight back, going for the drop down punch.  Rusev gets control back, knocking Goldust down and going for the spine stomp.  Accolade and we are done.

Winner: Rusev

Pure squash to show off Rusev’s frustration.  The six man tag is next and we will see if Orton could find another partner.


Back to the action and the Authority makes their entrance.  I have always loved the entrance lights, music and video for Rollins.  As the other two pose in the ring, Big Show poses next to his trophy that has magically appeared by the ring.  Orton and Ryback make their entrances, and for the third?  Roman Reigns.  Rollins doesn’t look happy.

Six Man Tag: The Authority (Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins) vs. Randy Orton, Ryback and Roman Reigns

We start with Kane and Ryback in the ring.  Kane starts taking near immediate control, taking Ryback to the corner for some Vintage Kane Punches.  Ryback fights out, sending Kane to the other corner.  Spinebuster to Kane as he sets him up for Shell Shocked, Kane rolling out as the Authority regroups outside.  Reigns decides to take that time to jump over the top and fly into the three of them.  He rolls back in to celebrate with Ryback and Orton as we go to commercial.


Back from break and Orton is in control of Kane as he goes for a cover and 2.  “Ole” chant from the crowd.  Orton tags in Ryback, knocking Kane down and a pin attempt for 2.  Ryback drags Kane over and tags Orton back in, only to be taken back to the Authority’s corner, Kane tagging in Rollins as he beats on Orton.  Rollins moves to try to take control, sending Orton to a corner, only to be met by Orton as he tackles him.  Orton takes him to the other neutral corner and starts to beat him down, complete with climbing the ropes and punching at him.  Rollins then takes control back, whipping Orton into the other corner as the crowd starts to chant something I can’t understand.  Rollins tags in Big Show who uses some of the classic Giant Guy moves, stepping on them and so forth.  He brings him to a corner for a chop as Kane tags in, going to the ropes and rebounding to kick Orton down, pinning for 2.  Moving to a headlock to control Orton, the crowd chants again, out of sync.  Orton fights out and starts to exchange blows, ending out on top until he goes to the rope and eats a boot from Kane.  Kane tags in Rollins as the crowd starts to do the Wave.  The action then breaks up as the hard camera starts to follow it around the arena.  Impressive.  Back in as Rollins actually starts to give some offense…until Rollins breaks again as he pays attention to the crowd, frustrated.  CM Punk chant as Rollins gives a crotch chop (?) and charges Orton.  Taking Orton up the ropes, Orton starts to take control.  Superplex from Orton from the top rope as the crowd chants “We Are Awesome.”  Well then.  Hot tags are made to Kane and Roman Reigns.  The crowd turns LIVID as Reigns tags in.  Raw After Mania crowd ENGAGE.  Reigns takes Kane to “Clothesline City” according to Lawler as he is then knocked down, moving to set up the Superman Punch.  Big Show interferes to cheers!  Reigns fights out to boos.  Big Show fights back to Reigns again to cheers as Ryback picks up Big Show for even bigger cheers for Shell Shocked!  Pandemonium!  Kane gets an RKO as Reigns sets up the spear for the pin.  Crowd is NOT happy.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Ryback

Faces stand tall in the ring as we fade to Sting, reminding us of the interview next.  Back to the ring as they get a staredown between the faces and Rollins.


To the WWE Network next as Sting is introduced.  He is out in his gear along with a seeming Sting NWO Wolfpac shirt.  He is asked how it felt to be at Wrestlemania as a “Thank You Sting” chant breaks out.  He says in so many ways it felt normal, natural and thanks to the fans, he felt right at home.  We are talking about Wrestlemania, the biggest event in sports entertainment face to face with Triple H.  And even though he came up short, he can at least say he was there.  Renee asks what the future holds.  He doesn’t know what it holds, but he does know this.  “Undertaker” chant starts.  He doesn’t know.  But whatever comes his way, he is going to reach out and grab it.  And if nothing comes to him, it’s too bad.  A crying shame, as far as he is concerned.

And…Bo Dallas’ music plays.  He is out.  YES.  “STING!”  What an honor it is for him to be standing in a WWE ring.  Sting was such an idol of his.  When Bo was a little kid, Sting painted Bo’s face to look just like his.  He didn’t wash for days!  Sting finally made it to Mania and lost his legacy in front of a full stadium!  But if he wants to succeed in the WWE, all he has to do…is BO-LIEVE!  Aaaand he eats a Scorpion Deathdrop.  And that is that, it seems as he poses to the crowd.  Two questions and a Bo Dallas segment.  Sure.  That’s a wrap!

Overview: This Raw was everything I expected for the most part.  The crowd is usually what makes this show the best of the year and they didn’t let anyone down this time around either.  Cena and Ambrose put on a hell of a match.  The tag match was pure fun and chaos to introduce us to the Lucha Dragons.  We had Neville’s debut, along with finding out that gravity has seemingly forgotten about him.  And we got some of the delicious, delicious destruction that only Brock Lesnar can bring.  Overall?  A very good Raw that suffered toward the end a bit.  As for the Sting segment, I am sure if we didn’t have all of the montages in the episode, we could have fit that in somewhere as it was about that short.  A score out of ten to keep with my predecessor would give this one an 8.  I enjoyed it and had fun.

As for me, I can only be here for this week for Raw, but I had a hell of a lot of fun covering it for you all.  And I even got most of the episode without the main announce team!  Bonus!  I hope to recap more in the future and actually get time to start putting columns out.  Until then, thanks for reading.


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