Forever Heel: WWE WrestleMania 31 Heel Fallout + Top 5 Heels That Had No Business Being on the Card

So WrestleMania is over, and nobody regrets watching. Vince gave us the champ we really wanted, and he let Seth Rollins have the WWE WHC. I mean Bryan is a grand slam champ now, and he got to play “Concussion War”, with Ziggler.

Bray’s entrance was great. I like how Undertaker was no-nonsense in his entrance. I’m glad Mark won. I still support the streak being broken last year. The Streak was getting old. This match was great because Bray Wyatt basically -like a vulture- took Undertaker’s place. Taker came back, in his ultimate form, and beat Wyatt. He combined his zombie powers, and biker powers for the win.

Sting and Triple H was fun, but I noticed Hunter won. I’m guessing they’ll continue feuding? Meh.

I’m not a MMA fan, but I thought Rhonda Rousey was pretty cool. The Rock can’t do a promo without resorting to his classic Rick persona. On one hand it’s hilarious, on the other his comments make everyone in the PG Era look stupid.

I’m not excited about the “Real Era”, I mean Ziggler, Bryan, and Miz are boring enough. Can you imagine them acting like their real themselves. I just know that Triple H’s definition of “real”, is super boring.

I’m glad Seth won the belt without WWE Creative having to resort to booking a triple heel turn. That would be Seth and Brock turning face, while Roman turns into a heel. Everyone thought Seth would cash-in, and Paul would turn on Brock. What I had envisioned involved a velociraptor, and the return of Chris Masters. I won’t get into it.

People also seem to hate this Mania because Cena won, and Triple H won. I even heard idiots say that WrestleMania isn’t worth watching because The Streak is over. To all those guys I say, “Go put on your huggies, and see if your girl will nurse you because you’ve become an adult baby. You wuss.”

Have a great week, guys.

Top Mania Heels That Had No Business Being on the Card.

5) Brutus Beefcake

4) The Virgil

3) Micheal Cole

2) Balls Mahoney

1) El Giante

This weeks top heel is Seth Rollins.



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