JR Blog: Raw Thoughts, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Rollins as Heel Champ, Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Jim Ross has a new blog up for the post-Raw Tuesday, here are some highlights:

on Brock Lesnar
The star of the show and the hottest commodity in WWE right now was Brock Lesnar who made an IMPACT for the ages. Monday night was one night that I was pleased to not be the “Voice of Monday Night RAW” any longer. I’ve taken enough ass whippings on TV to last a life time and having Brock get physical with yours truly isn’t on my bucket list.

on Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman had a great night representing Lesnar as @HeymanHustle continues to be the best talker in the biz and even though Lesnar is ‘suspended indefinitely’ Heyman is not and Paul’s presence on RAW is imperative in my view. I don’t expect to see Paul fade away for any significant length of time but don’t know the plans for him or any one else from a creative standpoint.

on Rollins as Heel Champ
Rollins is an example of a highly desirable, beatable WWE Champion which can be a booker’s dream. So was Flair and HBK back in the day. However, Rollins needs to subscribe to the less is more philosophy as it relates to taking massive bumps in volume so that his shelf life can be extended for as long as possible. Great example of how working in the Indies, for ROH and in NXT can all combine to take one to the Promised Land.

on Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
I could watch Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler wrestle as much as WWE wanted to give it to me. Ziggler is a tremendous asset ot WWE and seemingly never has a bad match no matter if he’s winning or losing. Proves the fact that the most important facet of a match isn’t just who wins or who loses but how the match is perceived by the fans, the work rate and one’s skill sets are highlighted.

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