Tales From The Arisverse With The Valiant, Chew, Invincible, Guardians Of The Galaxy & More

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Thanks again if you clicked here on purpose to read my misspelled and ranty commentary and you got her accidentally and decided to stick around long enough to checkout my thoughts on comics I am super appreciative. Also remember to click around my fellow Nexusers features…this is a site full of thoughtful fans with great insights and thoughts on the industry we love so much.

This week I wanted to take a second to talk about a change in my buying habits that occurred over the last year..maybe a little less. And to me it’s a big deal. I have been buying less and less DC and Marvel (at this point much less DC) and buying a heck of a lot of Image, some Valiant and some misc stuff people recommend me from even smaller publishers.

I am a 35+ year veteran fan of comics, reared on capes and big emblems and comics about heroes and villains. I love Super-heroes. But I have realized they have moved on and sensibilities have changed, and the writers and artists aren’t always inspired or have the same views and ideas of the characters or what a super-hero is that I do. And I won’t go into the changes over time to the periodic storytelling, retconning, and other industry changes that occurred incrementally since the direct market.

Suffice to say in a lot of ways despite some very good comics periodically from Marvel and DC the capes books aren’t ones that resonate with me any more so I have drifted to other types of comics. And it hasn’t been bad at all. I often wonder if many people feel the same way as me? And why I bring this is up is because I have no interest at all in upcoming events like Convergence or Battle World…Another set of events with alternate versions of character fighting or teaming up with a change where nothing will be the same again that will end with another set of relaunches, new costumes and new ideas, new creative teams and the internet full of the same endless commentary pro and con of those changes and their execution.

I am too bored to care…instead I’m more interested in what’s next for Saga, or a new Jimmy Palmiotti launch, or the Marvel Studios movies, or Netflix Daredevil or anything else. That’s sad..but also invigorating that I moved on and found myself able to pick up and enjoy individual comics and let go of my past to enjoy my favorite thing in the world Comics in other ways.

Aris1 The Valiant #3 Aris2 The Valiant #3 Aris3 Multiversity Ultra Comics #1

Aris4 Guardians of the Galaxy #25 Black Vortex Aris5 Chew #47 Aris6 Invicible #118

The Valiant #3 – I am enjoying the Valiant line of comics soooo much right now. This books is such a great surprise. Evil manifest has returned to claim our world and can only usher in its rule is bathed in the blood of the Geomancer. Lucky for her..and the world Bloodshot was able to get away with her as the combined might of the world’s powers duked it with Eternal Warrior leading them. They were not enough. Taken down by the sum total of their darkest fears, evil itself slips back away to hunt its prey in the form of story book villain called Mr. Flay. Some great developments and character moments for Bloodshot and great direct Spartan storytelling. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see how the heroes pull a win against this bad guy. 8 out of 10

New Avengers #32 – the Hickman Avengers have been great since the Marvel NOW relaunch a few years back filled with big stories that have become..more expansive over time but this book has been particularly good for its drama and character moments. This issue is a lot of that with epic action from the Avengers heaviest hitters. At the edges of the universe Abyss, Ex Nili, Nightmask, Starbrand, Hyperion and Thor have the audacity to track down the Beyonders who are culprits conducting some grand experiment colliding universes together. Lives are lost but the heroes manage to defeat the 2 Beyonders. Unfortunately a mauled Thor and beaten Hyperion are all that’s left against an army of Beyonders…the book ends in dramatic fashion with great moments and dialogue throughout. I particularly like the goings on with Thor and his friendship with Hyperion . The art is magnificent. A great great read. 9 out of 10

Multiversity Ultra Comics #1 – Morrison does it again. The comic reveals itself as the conduit and that all that transpires is real and we are responsible and bare witness to the birth of our Hero as he sets off to save us from the Gentry. Which is a metaphysical evil that isn’t really defined by seeks to either control and corrupt us all or reshape reality to their needs. This adventure leads us to another Earth where we witness a battle of Ultraas and the Gentry seemingly triumphant. Along the way we are treated to the metaphysical and many of the themes Morrison has covered elsewhere perfected. The art is amazing and Mahnke and team capture everything visceral and dramatic in the script. Amazing storytelling throughout. 9 out of 10

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 – Another Black Vortex chapter that leaves me lost and confused. A lot of stuff happens after a disagreement with the Kree…Jean Grey does something, Nova steals the Vortex, a Taskmaster looking thing on a speeders bike runs him down and swipes the Vortex and then some big thing appears, the planet goes boomy and I am lost and confused completely. The art is good and really carries an otherwise pointless busy and complex plot and events. This storyline started well and quickly disintegrated into inconsistent quality between issues, busy and relentless story elements and nothing in it to give me a moment to stop and care about what and why things are going on. 3 out of 10

Chew #47 – Poyo dead and Colby has nightmares he is caught and it is only dumb luck the investigation can’t get started because other crazy s#@% in the lives of these characters get in the way. Chu leaves his daughters side just long that all hell can break loose at the hospital leaving him crazed at issues end with Savoy loose with his kid and wife in tow..and the scene doesn’t look good. A lot of craziness going on in Layman ‘s book and it’s all still produced with the same great and unique zany and dramatic vision that consistent quality reading the entire run. 8 out of 10

Invincible #118 – Love the art, really consistently one of the best art wise month over month. I mean Ottley need I say more. Noticed we had a new colorist on the book and he really keeps up the high standard that has been with this title since the beginning. You can see it is different stylistically but it remains the highest quality. That being said this issue continues what has been to me just space filler. Even with the Invincible Family relocating in space, spending time with family, a few funny moments and I what I guess was supposed to be a dramatic break down with Invincible revealing his rape to Eve and then finally their child unbreathing…well it was all hollow filler for me and despite supporting this series since its inception it’s time to step away. Great art…but I am not getting anything other than that from the book any more. 4 out of 10