JR Blog: Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins an “Old School Booker’s Dream”, Future in TV Wrestling

Jim Ross has a new blog up here are some highlights:

on Samoa Joe
I find it weak that some pundits think that Samoa Joe gave a “political answer” when someone at my show in San Jose asked him if he would have any issue with starting a potential WWE career in NXT and Joe said he’d do whatever was asked of him. Is that being political or simply being a smart, team player? The best headline for some wresting sites may be to go with the “political” answer instead of giving the athlete the credit for being a guy who wants a shot and will work hard in any environment to earn that opportunity. NXT is WWE’s hottest brand at the moment in the eyes of many and it’s not like it’s ‘A’ Ball.

on Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins is an old school booker’s dream…an averaged sized, heel champion who could ‘easily’ lose on any given night. But…when was the last time that WWE changed a title at a live event? Nonetheless the theory is still in tact. Smart booking. On this week’s Ross Report Podcast I have Rollins retaining the WWE Title until WM32 where he finally meets BROCK LESNAR!!! Uh, oh….more fantasy booking on this week’s podcast including Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble.

on new opportunities in TV
Got another interesting opportunity presented to me today to do some more TV wrestling but it’s too early to get into the specifics but it sounded, on the surface, like a fun gig.

Check out the full blog over at JR’s BBQ

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