CB’s Slant: Thank You AJ! Video Tribute Post (AJ Lee Leaves WWE)

Call me crazy (WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!), but I was and always will be a fan of AJ Lee. Since the news broke on Friday about AJ’s retirement from WWE, I thought it would only be fitting to put together a collection of videos that feature most of AJ Lee’s most memorable moments.

And so I say “Thank you AJ!” for being as passionate about being in that ring as we are as fans, something you can’t say about all of the wrestlers these days, especially some of the Divas you are leaving behind.

You won me over pretty early on, and I’ll always be a fan…

WWE Fan AJ Lee Meets Lita:

AJ Lee NXT Rookie Profile:

AJ Lee wins First Divas Championship:

AJ Lee Kisses Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28:

Daniel Bryan-AJ Lee wedding:

AJ Lee Special Guest Referee: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at Money In The Bank 2012:

AJ pushes John Cena off Ladder to give Dolph Ziggler Money In The Bank win:

AJ Lee Pipe Bombshell:

AJ Lee 2014 Slammy Award Speech:

AJ Lee Final Raw appearance 3/30/15:

That’s all from me — CB.

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