10 Thoughts On… Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 7 Review – “Idol Games”

1. There is no doubt in my mind that this past episode of Survivor Worlds Apart was the best episode of the season. While merge episodes are generally always great, I believe that this episode gave this season the shot in the arm that it so desperately needed. Many Survivor pundits have told me that they are enjoying this season as it is the first in recent memory where all the players seem to be playing for themselves and that is refreshing to see.

2. I really do not understand Will’s strategy. After the merge, his No Collars had Joe back and I assumed that they would collectively sit back and attempt to swing one of the Blue Collars over. Instead, Will bought into Mike’s duplicitous scheme and voted for Hali (proving to the Blue Collars that they can trust him). While I guess it makes sense if Will’s plan was to outlast his former no collar teammates, the Cochran move of flipping never really works as (in this case), it would have only given the Blue Collars an extra vote until they inevitably nixed the YouTuber.

3. I didn’t like the way that Jeff almost hinted to Jenn that she should use her hidden immunity idol. While we say this every season, he needs to take more of a hands-off approach and let things play out naturally.

4. How brilliant is Shirin? The decision to target Kelly was a stroke of genius on so many levels. It’s clear that Dan and Mike will likely make themselves targets and that their abrasiveness would allow Kelly to float to the end, and Shirin nipped this in the bud. She also managed to avenge Max’s exit by eliminating one of the people who was responsible for his exit. She also proved her willingness to move past personal feelings to get ahead in the game. Despite Jenn and Hali targeting her and Max after the switch, Shirin knew that she needed to align with them if she had any shot at getting past the Blue Collar + Will majority.

5. Although Kelly was the player voted off this week, I argue that Tyler’s game might have taken just as big a hit. I believe that he and Carolyn would have been wise to rejoin the No Collars, but that they prematurely decided to attach their wagon to the Blue Collars. With Jenn saving herself by using her idol, Tyler found himself on the outside of the vote for the second week in a row. The way this season started for Tyler, I was beginning to think that he was being groomed as this year’s winner. Instead, he hasn’t had a handle on things for awhile. I believe that the next episode is where he and Carolyn have to use their idol to make a big move.

6. I have said this before and I will say it again. Rodney is one of the most perceptive players of the season. I still can’t seem to comprehend why he is the only one who sees Joe for the threat that he is. Joe’s individual immunity this week will certainly be the first of many as I believe he is slated for the end game.

7. Why is Hali being hidden? We haven’t really seen much of her this season and aside from being Jenn’s silent partner-in-crime, I don’t understand why she is being so underrepresented on the show.

8. I would love to see what Sierra’s gameplan is from here on out. While she had her issues with Mike and Dan, she decided to stick with them but now that their plans have gone up in flames with Kelly taking the long walk home, I want to know if Sierra will decide to join Jenn/Hali/Shirin to finally give us the all-female alliance we have been waiting for. The odds of this happening are slim but it would certainly add a lot of spice to the season.

9. It is my belief that Jenn’s use of the idol was the best that I have seen on Survivor since Malcolm gave two of his idols to his 3 Amigo comrades. Jenn is one of the most layered characters this season and certainly casting’s best find this year. I can’t tell if she is a hero or a villain and that’s what makes every confessional she does so compelling. I would actually love to see her be the one to cut Joe as that would certainly be a game-winning move.

10. The two most dangerous players in the game are Joe and Shirin and they are both still in it.