DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Speed Force #1 Brings Wally West, THE Flash As Family Man, Back Via Preview

DC Comics Convergence’s Week 1 includes THE Flash for a generation: Wally West, the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Flash. Kid Flash to Barry Allen’s Flash who seemingly died during COIE.

Wally West has a strong claim to the mantle of the Flash. Barry Allen was the Flash for 29 years before he seemingly died in 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wally West was the Flash for 24 years (see his Flash series launch below plus the three omnibus by writer Geoff Johns who had an acclaimed run with Wally West as Flash early in his career) before Barry Allen returned for good in 2008’s Final Crisis. Are we going to quibble over 5 years? This is the reason that a whole generation or two or three are clamouring for Wally West to return to the mantle of the Flash and bring his family man tales to DC Comics.

Flash #1 Wally West Flash Omnibus 1 Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus 2 Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus 3 Geoff Johns

With the final page of Convergence #0 revealing that some of the bottled cities may be reactivated in the current DC Comics multiverse, this may be a possibility.

Comicosity has the spoilers and teaser art for Speed Force #1 via an exclusive preview.

Spoilers follow.

Convergence Speed Force #1 Convergence Speed Force #1 cover b Convergence Speed Force #1 page 1

UPDATED: As of the evening of April 7, 2015, DC Comics released the Convergence: Speed Force #1 preview to multiple sites. This follows the exclusive they gave our friends at Comicosity late last week. Below are the four remaining interior previews pages released by DC Comics.

Convergence Speed Force #1 page 2 Convergence Speed Force #1 page 3 Convergence Speed Force #1 page 4 Convergence Speed Force #1 page 5

Here’s also some bonus art from Ethan Van Sciver, who provided the Convergence #0 art, who drew the Flashes in the past including Wally West and the Speed Force family.

Wally West the Flash Wally West the Flash and the Speed Force family

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