Alexander Gustafsson Reflects On Loss To Anthony Johnson, Makes No Excuses

A few months removed from his devastating loss to Anthony Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson isn’t making any excuses for what happened on January 26 in Stockholm.

Many considered the UFC on FOX fight card to simply be the coronation of Gustafsson as the true #1 contender to Jon Jones and the light heavyweight title. Instead, it was ‘Rumble’ Johnson who managed to steal all the headlines and silence all the naysayers.

In a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Gustafsson didn’t make any excuses for his poor performance.

“I did a sloppy technique, I didn’t tuck my chin, I didn’t keep chin down and hands up,” Gustafsson said. “Anthony saw that and he did everything right, basically.”

The former #1 contender said that the loss can be attributed to one costly mistake.

“I was really excited for the fight, I went out there and I just made a mistake,” Gustafsson said, “Anthony saw that and he took advantage of it, that’s basically it. I didn’t feel any particular pressure, I felt fine. I was really excited for that fight, that’s it.

Gustafsson is ready to move on with his career and next up for the fighter is intense training ahead of his June bout in Berlin against Glover Teixera.