Forever Heel: Seth Rollins is a Paul Levesque Guy

Seth Rollins is “The Guy”, WWE can stop looking. I know Vince likes having the face of the company to be a “face”, but come on. Triple H was once where Seth is at, and Hunter did well enough. Yes, in retrospect he did well. Seth will be like that too. You’ll get tired of Seth main eventing at WrestleMania 35, but he’ll still go because he can. In reality, there were smarks in the 80’s that were sick to death of Ric Flair. People wanted Luger, or Sting to have the belt so bad. I know there were “we want Flair” chants, but that was later. Now we look at Flair as bigger than Hogan when he wasn’t, but that’s where talent gets you. See Cena is Hogan, an all around hero that can’t possibly be real, while Seth is the guy that seems more realistic. Rollins might turn face someday, but I doubt he’ll be wrapping himself in the American flag. See that’s why Flair is thought of better than Hogan. Flair is more like us. How many of us wouldn’t atleast think of switching our grades if we could get away with it? How many of us care about being an example to children that aren’t even ours? Hogan was so one dimensional, he was .5 dimensional. I love Hogan, but I’m building up Seth here.

I also think that Seth is perfect because he fits Triple H’s vision of a chosen heel champ. Just like how The Rock, and Hunter fit Vince’s vision of a chosen heel champ, Seth fits Hunter. Hunter is a more gritty evil corporate boss. He’s leather jackets, Motörhead, and not afraid to dig in the trash for talent. Vince is sport coats, Tony Bennett, and has talent come to him. Seth is smart like HHH, and not at all afraid to go overboard when taking out an opponent, he also has shown that he can handle himself when he’s unable to cheat and cut corners. Hunter does all that.

I’m not saying Reigns will never get the belt or a push, but why make him the franchise? I’m positive that Reigns will never reach Hogan, or Cena heights, and fans seem to enjoy booing Rollins. I’m sure we could all fantasy book Rollins all the way to next WrestleMania, and have the same basic ideas because booking Seth is a no brainer. Hell WWE could book Seth & Shaemus Vs Cena & Reigns at a PPV, and I bet it would do well. Of course it will on WWE Network. The only thing I worry about is WWE giving us Seth Vs Orton 12, or some other pairing that bores me to death.

If we want to talk about Orton versus Seth, well Vince ruined Orton as the heel franchise for now. Orton’s 2013-14 WWE/WWE WHC title run is some of the worst booking I’ve seen in WWE. The Authority was pissed at him for no reason, he was never had a chance to cheat, or have a beat down with his heel buddies. He was hardly a heel. Where as Seth isn’t ruined, he is a beat down boss, and cheating heel. The Authority also loves him, and when Rollins pisses off his faction, and they ditch him, he manipulates them into helping him again. I love this guy. So look for him to be fired, or fall off his lawnmower, and be forced to retire.

House Cleaning Announcements

Lately I’ve been writing mostly current stuff for Forever Heel, but I’m thinking people are missing the older heel hijinks too. I’am too, and it’s hard to write about the same heels and sound fresh, so I’m going to focus on a current heel, or angle then snap out a quick old school profile. As always you’ll get a top 5 list (I mean the regular lists, not the ones at the bottom of each column) if I have no time to write. I do 5 because it’s more indepth, and there’s a million top 10 lists with quick sound bites out there. Wrestling fans love making lists, it’s what we do.

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