JR Blog: AJ Lee retiring from WWE, TNA Impact “Noticeably Better”, Sheamus New Look

Jim Ross checked in with a Monday blog here are some highlights

on AJ Lee retiring from WWE
AJ Lee retiring from WWE did not shock me as most could certainly understand the uncomfortable nature of her husband, CM Punk, abruptly leaving WWE as he did and her staying in the same environment could not be the easiest thing for her to endure. As I have said many time, AJ wa one of the most compelling TV personalities on WWE TV, whether it be male or female, of the past few years. I always enjoyed her work including, ironically, working some MMA into her game. I’m sure that the book that she’s going to be writing will be a must read and, unlike some that I’ve heard from, I have no issues whatsoever with her leaving the biz, at least for now, to spend more time with her husband and to be able to devote more time on her book.

on TNA Impact Wrestling Friday
Enjoyed TNA Impact Wrestling Friday night as their in ring product has been noticeably better recently. The UK crowds helped make those shows much better to watch but this Friday’s show produced in Orlando a fun show to watch too.

on Sheamus New Look
Not sure why so many critics don’t like Sheamus’ new look. I thought he was now a villain and people weren’t supposed to necessarily like much about the Irishman. I’d love to see Sheamus channel his inner Conor McGregor and start cutting scathing promos in the most organic way possible. Bully heels with a little yellow steak that comes out when the time is right can make money for all involved. If Sheamus’ look isn’t “cool” then that’s a good thing, right?

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