Alexander Gustafsson Says Anthony Johnson Punches Harder Than Jon Jones But Still Picks Champ To Retain

Alexander Gustafsson has faced both Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson, but despite losing to both, says that one has a clear advantage in the power department.

“Oh, he [Anthony Johnson] hits harder than Jones, yeah,” Gustafsson said on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour. “Rumble, when he connects, you feel it. That’s what Jones has to be careful of, his power. When he comes with the pressure, he has really good pressure. He’s really dangerous as a light heavyweight.”

Despite Johnson’s obvious strength advantage, the Swede is still picking the champion to retain his title when he squares off against Johnson on Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s a tough call,” Gustafsson said. “I think Jones will win the fight, because he has more leverage and he has a little bit more, he mixes things up, as everyone knows. So I think he will win this fight. But that said, Rumble is a great fighter, and a great person and he’s heavy handed. So, you know, anything can happen in a fight. You have to keep your chin down and your hands up. I’m very excited for that fight.”