Criminal Minds News: Tonight’s Episode To Serve As Preview For Beyond Borders Spin-Off

Tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds will serve as a preview to the upcoming Beyond Borders spin-off of the series which will star Gary Sinise and Anna Gunn.

The episode sees Jack Garrett (played by CSI: NY vet Gary Sinise) reaching out to Hotch & Co. when the abduction of a family in Barbados dovetails with a case the Stateside BAU once worked. Rounding out Garrett’s team are Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn (as international law expert Lily Lambert), Daniel Henney (Hawaii Five-0) as Special Ops Agent Matt Simmons and Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead) as tech guru Russ “Monty” Montgomery.

In a recent interview with, showrunner discussed the new series and what was learned from the Criminal Minds spin-off titled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and if there are any differences between it and Beyond Borders.

“In a word, many. The most noticeable one — and it’s probably a struggle that every spinoff has – is: How are you the same but different? And what happened last go-around [on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior] was, “Oh, they’re different because they’re rogue.” They don’t work at the FBI, they work out of a dojo. And they’ve got this whole sort of “rogue” mentality about them. But [for Beyond Borders] I thought, Beyond Bordersmaybe how they’re the same but different is that they are good ol’ American heroes working out of the FBI and they help Americans who are in trouble — which sounds familiar because that’s what the BAU does — except they do it when Americans are outside of our country. And that’s what makes it different. I think that’s also what makes it timely, because a staggering number of Americans are moving out of the country…”