DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Post-Convergence #8 Pre-Flashpoint Heroes’ Fates Revealed As Convergence #1 Hits Stands?!


During this past weekend’s big wonderful con, some interesting tidbits were revealed about the post-Convergence #8 DC Comics universe / multiverse just as Convergence #1 (spoilers here) dropped on fandom yesterday.

Post-convergence spoilers follow.

Was a bit surprised to read this so early into the Convergence weekly series. W-o-w!

You have been warned.

    Convergence #2 variant A reader who came to DC with the New 52 asked what Convergence will do to that continuity following the event. “What we’re looking forward to post-Convergence is that any version of any character will be available to us,” said [Convergence co-writer Jeff] King.

    [Writer Scott] Lobdell said the post-Convergence reality will mostly follow on from where the New 52 left off. King said the New 52 brand “will give way to something new.” The continuities and characters will mostly continue.

    [Writer Marc] Andreyko added “Convergence” #0 does explain the worlds and timelines the characters come from.

    King explained to a younger reader that “Flashpoint” characters will appear throughout the event.

We did know after the last page reveal of Convergence #0, that some of these bottled cities would be reincorporated into the DC Comics multiverse, but the quotes above makes it seem that all of the old continuities will exist and be available to DC Comics creative teams post-Convergence.

So, where will family man Wally West as The Flash and his family from Convergence: Speed Force #1 (spoilers here) land post-Convergence?

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