Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Coverage this Weekend


The 18th Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is in full swing this weekend Durham, North Carolina. That’s 4 whole days of real people on the big screen. InsidePulse will be reviewing films and interviewing various filmmakers and their subjects.

The festival kicked off with Albert Maysles’ Iris. The movie gives a full body portrait of fashion goddess Iris Apfel. She’s past 90 still pushing tastes in the 21st Century. Even Kanye West delights in meeting the woman who can mix the fashion houses of Paris with dollar store finds. Director Albert Maysles passed away last month so there’s a tinge of sadness in the joy he captured with Iris. I’d met Albert at previous Full Frames. He was an amazing guy to talk to it. Easy to know how he and his brother David were able to get their subjects to open up in Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter and Salesman. It’s sad to think that he’s gone since he was far from done with make movies. The best news about the film is that Magnolia Films will be releasing Iris in theaters in a few weeks. Go see it with your most fabulous friends.

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