JR Blog: Ronda Rousey/Walmart Controversy, Finn Balor, Scott Steiner/Hulk Hogan Situation

Jim Ross had a new mid-week blog and here are some highlights:

on working w/Lucha Underground
I had a chance to do some work with Lucha Underground as they prepare for their season finale taping in a little over a week that will air in August but we couldn’t make the date work. I’m a fan of their product, except the intergender stuff which doesn’t suspend my disbelief, and would have enjoyed doing a project with them but it wasn’t in the cards this time around. I wish them the best of luck nonetheless during these apparent, crunch times for their brand. I am still of the belief that their back stage content is the best in he genre.

on Ronda Rousey/Walmart Controversy
The book controversy regarding @RondaRousey book and @WalMart is embarrassing for the giant retail company. Simply go to my links at podcastone.com and use my Amazon link to order Ronda’s book and have it delivered to your home and help us at the same time. This matter makes Wal Mart come off as out of touch bullies. Nonetheless, Wal Mart has likely helped make ‘My Flight/Your Fight’ a New York Times Best Seller when it’s released on May 12.

on Finn Balor
Yes, Finn Balor is ready for RAW or Smackdown but only when WWE has a long term plan for this talented Irishman. To call him up with a long term plan would be downright stupid.

on Scott Steiner/Hulk Hogan Situation
Do you really think that Scott Steiner threatened to “kill” Hulk Hogan while standing in the San Jose Airport? Really? I call misunderstanding on that one. Money says not one charge will be filled much less stick.

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