Marvel Comics Ultimate Comics Review & Spoilers: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #12

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man #12

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 8, 2015 

Price: $ 3.99

Welcome Readers:

The last issue came to a close with the appearance of DOOM!!! It looks as though Miles is in quite the pickle here, and the likelihood of escape is minimal….

The Cover art for issue # 12 has a close up of miles, he has a very concerning look on the half of his face that’s being shown. The other half is cut off by a powerful white light, making it hard to see exactly what’s is going on. We venture into the first few pages and find that a circle of people are starting to notice Miles is missing. Upon searching for him it is very clear that something is indeed wrong, further searching has shown some friends and family also seem to be mysteriously gone. One thing that was a real treat for me personally, was the appearance of Cloak and Dagger. Funny thing is my initial thought was “REALLY?? They’re always bailing Spider-Man out!! My reasoning for these thoughts come from the fact I recently picked up all 14 issues of the Maximum Carnage arc, and if you don’t know, Cloak and Dagger are also prominent characters in that story. Anyway, a team/rescue party is formed and we see the connections Miles made through out the series is now starting to pay off in dividends, and this could be the upper hand that is needed to tilt the scales back in favor of the heros’.

Soon after, we find ourselves back with Miles restrained, looking face to face with the Metal Faced Villain himself (MF Doo—  … just Kidding) Dr. DOOM. This was my favorite portion of the issue, Bendis nailed Doom’s cold hearted speech to a T, and delivered some very chilling words to Mr. Morales.

“I wondered how you thought you could come to my home in Lat Veria and destroy my life’s work and think that there would be no repercussions”.- Dr. Doom

Ohhh spooky Doom!!! I loved this, he also continued with re enforcing his allegiance with Hydra, and that moving forward there was a grave future in store for our hero.

Showing  resilience, strength and a strange debut of a new special ability, Miles was able to shockingly turn the situation in his favor. His strong character is something that I  personally have been impressed with and this continued to show through out the series, which reached a pivotal plateau in this issue. Add the arrival of the calvary paired with super friends , and Miles was able to escape the clutches of Doom backed by Hydra, showing  quite a bit of un harnessed talent in the process.  We even got a nice exchange between Katie ( now Miles’s ex respectively) and Dagger once the dust  settled, then transitioned nicely into Miles again being reunited with his friends and family.  As the comic ends in true awesome fashion we’re given  a sneak peak setting up the Secret Wars story arc that’s just around the corner. Miles will appear in that story and I am super excited to see how much more his character will be developed. Being a child, as referred to by even by Dr. Doom himself, Miles as a character is still able to show strength that is to be admired. Add the fact he equips a solid optimism mostly prominent in youth is a very unique and special dynamic for the character, thus proving the talents of the writing team.

The issue as a whole was a great read, and i loved Dr. Doom in this. I will say for a conclusion to an arc I expected a bit more action, honestly most of the action was unseen, but there was plenty, and we were able to clearly understand how things had gone. The artwork is great and the final splash page could easily be something you would want to find a copy off.

Personally if I had to give it a number rating It stands tall at a solid 8/10.

Great conclusion to a well written series, if you have been a fan of Miles you will not be disappointed with the ending. I know Miles is someone I will be watching very closely in the coming Secret Wars, and I imagine there will plenty of story told with his character!

– Grainbelt Jones

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