Smark Rant: Scott’s Mailbag of Doom 04.09.15 – Cena v. Undertaker and a lot of Brock talk

Letter #1!

Hey Scott, quick Brock question.

How much do you think Brock’s popularity is due to the specific way he’s been booked, as opposed to his inherent attributes (look, presence, UFC history, in-ring ability…)?

Looking at it another way, if they’d given EXACTLY the same push (break streak, destroy Cena, Suplex City…) to another big guy (Ryback, Big E, Barrett…) where would that wrestler be in relation to where Brock is now: 90% as over? 50% Nowhere near?

Cheers mate and keep up the good work. Alex: London, UK

Oh, nowhere near. Just look at how ineffective Brock became when he was booked like another Joe Schmo during the HHH feud of 2013. Trading wins on back-to-back shows so that HHH can get his win back? Bleh.

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