Top 5 DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Writer Jeff King Shares Convergence #1 To #8 Secrets! A Major Death & More?!

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DC Comics Convergence writer Jeff King had a recent official DC twitter exchange with fans.

It was an interesting and illuminating exchange. King seemed quite candid and excited about the opportunity to engage with fandom.

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From that twitter exchanged there were Top 5 big reveals that span Convergence #1 (spoilers here) and the post-Convergence #8 DC Comics multiverse. This follows news that Convergence is NOT the end of the pre-Flashpoint DC characters.

Convergence #2  main cover
Convergence #3  main cover Convergence #4  variant cover

Spoilers follow!

Top 5 Convergence secrets revealed!

(5) Convergence addresses some big DC Comics New 52 fan criticisms

Despite being its own story, looks like Convergence addresses some lingering fan New 52 gripes.

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 1

(4) A major New 52 hero dies in Convergence

How long will this death last and will it be a character fans care about?

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 2

(3) Heroes from Convergence turn up in Earth 2: Society ongoing series post-Convergence

Convergence heroes have a presence after the series in this new onging title! Wow. Interesting.

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 3

(2) Convergence fills in the ?’s in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity Map

We will learn the nature of the following seven (7) remaining Earths:

  • Earth 14
  • Earth 24
  • Earth 25
  • Earth 27
  • Earth 28
  • Earth 46
  • Earth 49

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 4 DC Comics New 52 multiverse map for Grant Morrison's Multiversity #1

(1) Earth 2’s Dick Grayson plays big role in Convergence!

Last seen in Earth 2: World’s End #26 (spoilers here), that leads into Convergence #1, looks like Earth 2’s Dick Grayson is a big player in Convergence. Will he be the new Batman in the post-Convergence Earth 2: Society ongoing series?

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 5

This last one isn’t part of the Top 5, but it is interesting to note that the architecture of Convergence has been in the works for several years; not a last minute, haphazard band-aid.

Jeff King Convergence Reveals 6

So, what do ya think of the Convergence reveals?

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