DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Heading Into Convergence #2, Kingdom Come Green Lantern Vs. Task Force X In Suicide Squad #1 Preview

You won’t find a bigger and longer standing fan of writer John Ostrander and penciler Luke McDonnell’s re-imagining of the Suicide Squad in the 1980’s. I’m pleased that these characters are part of Convergence and that we see another shiny Suicide Squad #1 on shelves.

If you’re not familiar with the Suicide Squad that inspires the upcoming film and this Convergence series, check out their Who’s Who DC Comics bio on the below right.

suicide squad 1 cover Suicide Squad 1980s Who's Who DC Comics

While John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell aren’t back for the Convergence series, frequent Ostrander artistic collaborator Tom Mandrake is working with writer Frank Tieri.

Alongside this, we’ve had two issues of the core Convergence weekly series ship so far:

  • Convergence #0 spoilers here.
  • Convergence #1 spoilers here.

Now we’re into Week Two of Convergence which sees Convergence #2 hit stands from the core weekly eight issue series as well as several issue #1’s from DC Comics’ two-shot tie-ins. Convergence Suicide Squad #1 is one of those.

That 1980’s logo is one of the best ever; very surprised DC Comics isn’t using it for their current New Suicide Squad ongoing series.

Spoilers and preview follows for Convergence tie-in Suicide Squad #1.

It includes Kingdom Come‘s Green Lantern Alan Scott and Amanda Waller among others.

Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 1 Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 2 Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 3

Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 4 Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 5 Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 6 Convergence Suicide Squad #1 Spoilers Preview 7

The Suicide Squad has received a great bit of attention in recent years; as the focus of the animated blu-ray Batman: Assault on Arkham, also as part the last two seasons of CW’s Arrow, although this season Amanda Waller has had a huge presence. Plus in 2016 we get a feature film of a different Suicide Squad with actor Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and so many others. Big things ahead for the Suicide Squad in pop culture.

Batman Assault on Arkham Blu Ray Suicide Squad logo icon Suicide Squad Suicide Squad 2016 film cast

Glad we’re also seeing that in the comics during Convergence and with DC Comics’ ongoing series the New Suicide Squad that channels the international intrigue and espionage of John Ostrander’s initial run on Task Force X a.k.a. the Suicide Squad.

DC Comics July 2014 Solicitations New Suicide Squad #1 New Suicide Squad #1 variant DC Comics New 52 New Suicide Squad #2 August 2014 DC Comics Solicitations New 52

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