Full Frame Coverage: Crooked Candy a short on Kinder Eggs


Kinder Eggs are extremely popular with a chocolate shell covering a plastic egg that’s filled with a cool tiny toy. But they’re also an outlaw delight in America. People who want the forbidden joy have to go to extremes to get their fix. Andrew Rodgers’ Crooked Candy is a short film about one collector who can’t stop his childhood desire. The six minute film embodies what makes the candy such a joy. I had the chance to talk with Rodgers at the 2015 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham. He speaks about his subject, why Kinder Eggs are illegal in America and takes a question from my daughter.

The film is a must see for those who go on Youtube to watch other people crack their Kinder Eggs. As proof at the popularity of people watching other people open Kinder Eggs, here’s an hour long video of unwrapping. Over 60 million people have watched this video which is more viewers than an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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