Pull List Roundtable – 4/15/2015 – Convergence Week Two, Bloodshot Reborn #1, Ms Marvel #14, The Tithe #1 (Spoilers Free)

Alexander Lucard

The biggest pull week for me in years.

  • Archie vs. Predator #1 – Seriously, how would anyone not pull this? Archie crossovers are generally fantastic as long as they’re weird. Archie Meets Punisher was AWESOME and Afterlife with Archie is a great take on the tired out zombie shit. Archie meets Glee/KISS/Obama and Palin? Not so much. I have exceedingly high hopes for this one from advance reviews and previews.
  • Betty & Veronica #275 (Adam Huges Cover) – Great cover, fun characters and it’s a landmark issue so I figured I’d pull it.
  • Bloodshot Reborn #1 – The Valiant was the setup for this and man, did I not see any of it coming. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens to Bloodshot in this series, especially as he isn’t Bloodshot anymore.
  • Convergence #2 (of 8) – Decent so far. Looking forward to where this is going.
  • Convergence Batman The Shadow of the Bat #1 – Dudes, it’s LARRY HAMA writing Az-Bats. How could I not be down for this?
  • Convergence Justice League International #1 – JLI is my favorite comic series ever. Sure it’s not Helfer/Maguire/Geffen/JMB, but I’m going to give it a chance. Odd choice of Red Tornado in the lineup seeing as he was never in any version of the JLI. I’d have used an actual character. Still, I hope Marz does the team justice.
  • Convergence Suicide Squad #1 -Frank Teiri with an amazing lineup of villains from Cyborg Superman to Bane. Yes please.
  • Convergence Superboy #1 – Post death and return Superboy has always been a favorite of mine. I never really liked him after Johns got his hands on him. Superboy in Hawaii with Tana Moon was my favorite time for the character and I’m going to give this a go. Plus,. Fabian Nicenza!
  • Convergence Supergirl Matrix #1 – Geffen writes Ambush Bug. That’s my reason for pulling this.
  • Dark Horse Presents 2014 #9 – Last bit of the Groo episodic bit I was pulling DHP for. Plus a Groo cover!
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #213 – Snake Eyes Vs. Serpentor. I don’t see them actually killing Snake Eyes despite all the hype.
  • Groo Friends and Foes #4 – Groo should be available every month forever. Groo is wonderful. Groo is nostalgia. Groo is mulch and cheese dip and frays.
  • UNITY (2013- ) #17 – Livewire Solo issue. Should be good.

Paul Miranda

Stop the presses!!!! This is entirely unprecedented :0 Never in my life have I had such a short weekly pull.

  • ARCHIE vs. PREDATOR #1 (of 4)
  • CONVERGENCE #2 (of 8)
  • ARCHIE vs. PREDATOR #1 (of 4)
    Humour! Horror! What a combo! Hijinx & high stakes will assuredly be shown as Alex de Campi elaborates on this juxtaposition. How many characters will die before the last page?

  • CONVERGENCE #2 (of 8)
    Earth 2 will never die! The six surviving heroes are going to have to work twice as hard to free themselves from Telos’ prison and try to impede inevitable clashes between the cities. I’m sure more depth will be giving to the Big Bad and the grid will be further exposed.

    This is the first time I mention Wondy outside of Azzarello’s departure or the Finches’ arrival. I adore this anthology!! Anyone and everyone can provide his/her interpretation of the Amazing Amazon Even better is that continuity is an unheard of word.

    More bangs for a buck (literally!) I can relive these firsts without having to break the seal of the bags or creasing the spine of the pristine books I have worked hard to preserve. I’m really psyched for Bendis’ take on the new mini.

Chris Weidow

Ugh and wow, no sure things for me next week. Might be a comics free week. Here’s what I might pick up though, if I’m having comic withdrawals:

  • TITHE #1: Not a really “fun” looking comic, but pretty darn intriguing. Image rarely disappoints, so this might be the one comic I grab next week.
  • MS. MARVEL #14: Despite the buzz and good reviews, I’ve yet to check this series out. With nothing else truly catching my attention, it might be time to give Ms. Marvel a try. I enjoyed Kamala’s cameo in Amazing Spider-Man some months back, but I’m not sure if this comic is for me.

Mike Maillaro

  • Fox #1 – Black Hood has been excellent, and The Fox has an extra bonus of being written by Mark Waid. So this is definitely my early pick for book of the week…though there is a lot of competition.
  • Sabrina #2 – Not a Hoax! Not a dream! Archie’s disturbing reimagining of Sabrina The Teenage Witch is finally getting a second issue. They really should have put more of these issues in the done bin before they started the series, but I loved the first issue and will definitely buy it no matter what.
  • Archie Vs Predator #1 – I laugh every time I think about the fact they are doing this book. I’m definitely reminded of Archie Meets Punisher from like 20 years ago. Poor Archie…that guy has a rough existance…
  • Tithe #1 – The concept for this book sounds awesome, “Mega-churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem more worthy. This modern day “Robin Hood” is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry but want to stop the theft before it escalates.” Sounds like another winner for Image.
  • Chrononauts #2 – I did think the first issue of this book was missing something, but I still enjoyed the concept and am willing to give it another shot. If nothing else, I always love time travel stories.
  • Thor #7 – This issue promises to finally let us know who’s this mysterious women who’s called herself Thor. I am actually glad they are getting that out of the way. I’ve enjoyed the character, but too much of the last few issues have been about other characters investigating her. I want to see more of New Thor, not everyone else asking questions about her.
  • Ms. Marvel #14 – Always one of my favorite Marvel books. Books like Howard the Duck and Ms Marvel remind me exactly why I love comics and love writing about them so much. Just about the most fun comic I’ve ever read.
  • Bloodshot Reborn #1 – Bloodshot died a pretty horrible death during The Valiant, but they are wasting no time bringing him back. I have been avoiding spoilers about this book, so I’m not even sure it’s the same guy. Can’t wait to find out!
  • Convergence – I didn’t really love issues 0 or 1, but the tie ins were all pretty good. The ones I am most looking forward to this week are Man of Steel (STEEL IS BACK), Shadow of the Bat (LARRY HAMA WRITES AZRAEL), Matrix (always loved PAD’s Supergirl run), Green Arrow (CONNOR HAWKE IS BACK!), and Suicide Squad. The 90’s were really when I became a DC fan, and I’m glad to see a lot of these long forgotten characters making a come back.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #11 – Black Vortex is approaching the finish line. This crossover has been strange at times, but I’ve mostly enjoyed it, and I’m curious to see how it all wraps up.

John Babos

  • Bloodshot Reborn #1 – Intrigued by what Valiant’s take will be.
  • Convergence #2 – Looking forward to the New 52’s Earth 2 Batman meeting the pre-Flashpoint Batman. DC is promising big things for Earth 2’s Dick Grayson too.
  • Convergence: Suicide Squad #1 – You won’t find a bigger SS fan me. This is a natural pull.
  • Unity #17 – Valiant’s Justice League of Avengers! I’m in.

James Fulton

  • Bloodshot Reborn #1 – Bloodshot has been a really boring character, to be blunt, since Valiant relaunched a few years ago (when a character has no character as part of his general concept, how can he not be?), but if anyone is going to be able to rescue the property, it’s going to be Jeff Lemire, especially after he did such a great job with him in The Valiant.
  • RunLoveKill #1 – Eric Canete is a great artist. This is his new Image series. That’s actually all I know about this comic, but that’s enough to get a preorder from me. I’ll let you know more when I read it.
  • Letter 44 #15 – Charles Soule’s series about aliens appearing in our solar system, and the political consequences of that, is one of the best series on the stands. I’m always excited to get a new issue.
  • Fade Out #5 – It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had a new issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s crime series set in post-war Hollywood, so this is a reason to celebrate.
  • Crossed Plus 100 #4 – Alan Moore’s look at the future of the Crossed universe is terrific. The story is good, but it’s the work that he’s doing with language that is really impressing me.