Tuesday Raw Roundtable: WWE Tapes Tepid Monday Night Raw in UK

WWE had another 3 hour slogfest of a Raw from the UK.

What did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the show?

Darren Paltrowitz

The London crowd is among the better crowds, as Cena said while sucking up, and their presence definitely influenced the evening’s booking. Otherwise, I don’t believe that we would have seen Bad News Barrett, Paige and Neville in the roles they played.

I was surprised by the number of enhancement matches in the evening. Dean Ambrose versus Adam Rose was undoubtedly one, as were The Lucha Dragons against The Ascension (who didn’t get a broadcasted introduction) and Stardust versus Fandango. The Divas Battle Royal was arguably one as well, given most of the participants and the length of the match.

On the upside, for me at least, the Prime Time Players cut a recorded promo on Los Matadores — Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt were also presumably there via pre-tape. Also on the lower card and to my liking, it is unclear if Fandango’s face turn was a one-off as a nod to the London crowd’s initial acceptance of Fandango.

Fingers crossed that we see more NXT call-ups soon. If not that, more crowds with vocal Brits.

Pat Metalhead

Barrett/Cena was fine while it lasted, and I read here and there people commenting about how much moves Barrett got and how he got to kick out of the AA, but, why should we be glad about that ? In the end, he lost. So here is a guy who gets a big pop (imagine that, English wrestlers getting a crowd reaction in London, though one to figure out, isn’t it?), is one of the challengers for Bryan’s IC title and you book him to loose ? I would say I’m confused but at this point why even bother ?

Cena wins. Again. One of my cats farted at this point. Pretty much my feelings exactly.

The idea behind booking a ultra short battle royal when everybody knows it’s between Paige and Naomi escapes me, but then a lot of things escape me when it comes to WWE. Naomi at least got to display some fire, and, for once, she even had a point. When you pin the Champion a couple of times it should get you a match at some point. Where Paige fits in all this, WWE only kn… No actually I don’t think they do.

Bray Wyatt is the NEW FACE OF FEAR !!!!
Errrh, Bray ? Didn’t you loose at Wrestlemania ? Never mind. Not a bad promo, if utterly pointless at this point.

I kinda like the Lucha Dragons so I had no problem with their match, at least they’ll present a fun challenge to Cesaro/Kidd on some pre-show. The Ascension ? What Ascension ?

Reigns tries, I’ll give him that (« Suplex City » chant followed by « yeah, I’ve been there » even got a chuckle out of me) but I am at a loss how another program with Big Show will help him, us or anyone for that matter.

Randy Orton jobs out the Tag team Champions. Of course he does, Book your champion and challengers to loose to the same people over and over again, that will give everyone a good feeling. Great job WWE ! Goddamned what the hell did my cats eat this evening ?

Something involving a car battery and testicles said Kane to Noble. Funny kinda of what I thought about this whole angle between Rollins and Kane.

Fandango might have gotten the reaction of the night. Good for him, he should enjoy that while it last (until next week probably).

Neville had a good match with Ziggler, better than last weeks match against Rollins I thought, but, in the end, he lost. Come on WWE what’s the sense in booking Neville to loose against Ziggler at this point ? Do you WANT him to fail ? Trowing a bone to the crowd who was waiting just for that wasn’t possible at all ? Arrrh, why do I even bother.

Main Event is Talking, no RKO, cage match, yeah yeah we know, it’s gonna be a DQ or something.

End of RAW.

Cat farts.


Widro (@Widro)

Raw was taped ahead of time and having read the spoilers, it’s tough to have recommended anyone watch the show. I think we were all fooled into a false sense of excitement with the Mania 31 finish and then the Raw after, but now that reality has set in, this is going to be a rough road.

It’s telling that the Authority stayed off the show, knowing it would be a creative and ratings/viewership nadir.

Neville has now jobbed to everyone but Curtis Axel. Why push him like this?

Does anyone want Randy Orton to beat Seth Rollins? I say no and that this match and a likely second match at the May PPV are duds. The US title on Cena seems to be a license for him to pin the mid card.

It’s tough to endorse the WWE product right now with nothing happening that is building excitement.

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