DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Moving From Convergence #2 to #3 to #4, Who Is Deimos?

DC Comics’ Convergence #2 had a fair bit of interesting developments including it’s last page reveal (full spoilers for Convergence #2 here).

Spoilers follow.

Deimos, arch-villain of Warlord in the mystical land of Skartaris, turns up at the end if Convergence #2 in the arms of Earth 2’s Justice Society.

Below is that page, the 1980’s Who Who in the DC Universe bio for Deimos, and the just released cover to Convergence #4 with a menacing looking Deimos. It’ll be interesting to see how we go from next week’s Convergence #3 to the following week’s issue #4.

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 13 Deimos Who's Who DC Comics Convergence DC Comics Convergence #4

If you’re still interested in Deimos and where he comes from, check out the Who’s Who in the DC Universe entries for the hero Warlord and the land of Skartaris.

Warlord Who's Who in the DC Universe Skartaris Who's Who in the DC Universe

I’m really intrigued about next week’s Convergence #3.

What do you think DC Comics’ Convergence so far?

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