Scott’s Mailbag of Doom 04.16.15 – Bray Wyatt’s future, Paul Heyman’s past, Seth Rollins’ title reign!

The flood of emails continues unabated, like male 18-49 fans pouring into a Roman Reigns meet-and-greet, so let’s open up the mailbag for another day.

Letter #1!

Hey Scott,

What do you think will happen with Bray Wyatt in the near future? He along with Luke Harper and Eric Rowan have been basically dead on water, living off the remnants of the Wyatt Family heat. I just don’t see what big feud could do him favors. The Undertaker match did nothing for him in terms of taking him somewhere of relevance and the title picture is pretty packed with Reigns and Orton in there until Brock comes back.

Maybe the WWE will admit stupidity and reunite the Wyatt Family? Add new members to the Family? MITB this coming July?

I have long felt that the best solution would be inventing a time machine and going back to mid-2014, then slapping the taste out of the mouth of whoever thought of breaking up the Wyatt Family in the first place.

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