Orphan Black Spoilers: Showrunner Offers Season 3 Preview, Teases New Conspiracy Layer

Orphan Black is back and we have new info on what to expect from the show’s third season.

In a recent interview, co-creator/director John Fawcett offered a glimpse into what to expect in the rest of the season.

“With the introduction of Project Castor and the male clones, it’s certainly [about] jumping down that rabbit hole now,” he said. “That’s a whole new aspect to the mystery of the existence of the girls, of who the original may be, of their biology. It’s still very much a mystery that is focused through the eyes of Sarah Manning, but this is a big new layer to the conspiracy.”

Fawcett also said that we can expect more interaction between the clones.

“As the show evolves, it’s nice to see the characters having their own stories, it really is, but at the same time, we are trying to solve a mystery,” he said. “Inevitably, we have to draw help from all sources and from all the girls. Sarah’s a character who began as a very irresponsible, almost teenager [type] who has made a lot of bad decisions, isn’t a very good parent, and has had to step into a role where she wants to be a better mother and she wants to protect her child. Then it evolved beyond that. It’s not just about protecting her and her family; it’s about protecting her sisters and trying to get answers so that she can save her sister and save herself, to some degree. She’s evolved into, definitely, a bit more of a hero, even though she still has her faults. She’s not the perfect heroine. She’s still Sarah Manning.”


Source: TVLine.com