Lucha Underground Review/ Comments and news.. 4/15/15

Hello friends we are back again, slightly late ( tough week at work) for another review of the best wrestling show on TV. ( In my humble opinion) Lucha Underground.

As always we get a video package that goes though last week bombshells. The fact that Puma, Mundo, and Hernandez are in fact a trios team. Along with an update on other current story lines going on.

The first vignette we see is Aerostar on the roof of the temple gazing at the stars. Dario Cueto approaches him and taunts him about his match tonight, saying Drago’s inspiration comes from down below, adding he better wish upon a star if he wants to win. Tonight will be their final match in the series and Dario Cuteo teases his unique opportunity by stating everything comes with a price.

Back in the temple we get our hype up from Vampiro, and Matt Stryker. The first match seems to be another trios tag team match (oooh yea). After there description of what to expect tonight, we head to the show.

Out first is King Cuerno, Cage, and Texano, they look ready to compete and well on the same page, this is going to be interesting!!!!! Next the “faces” emerge, my excitement builds to see Hernandez in action for the first time in this promotion. I’m sooo freaking stoked for this, my only fear is these guys won’t be able to work together, and Hernandez might have personal interests of his own. We will see how Puma and Hernandez co exist.

Match 1 = King Cuerno, Cage, and Texano VS Johhny Mundo, Hernandez, and Prince Puma

This match starts off with an awesome stare down between Hernandez and Cuerno. I have to say the way Lucha Underground builds the tension for their matches is perfect. The first min was these guys slowly getting ready to set up, each team just staring across the ring as they plot with their teammates, great stuff here. Finally they lock up and Cuerno forces Hernandez in the corner and hits a chop to the chest. Hernandez no sells and ends up returning the favor. After a nice display of power from Hernandez Cuerno rolls to his corner tagging in Texano, while Hernandez taunts the crowd Texano attacks him from behind giving the heels the upper hand. After some strikes back and forth Hernandez sets up Texano into the corner tagging in Mundo in the process, afterwards Mundo hits some nice kicks and a running side kick while Texano is upside down hung on the corner turn buckle. After more of a beating Mundo tags in the champion Puma so he can get in on the action, after a double team Puma tries to take control but Texano gouges his eyes and forces him into the heel corner. The Heels gang up on the champion while the faces are busy complaining to the ref.

Next the camera ends up cutting into the crowd to where we see DAVARI, they don’t reference his name but I totally marked out huge. I’m from Minnesota and I always have been a fan of Daivari, he also owns a store in Minneapolis in case you were wondering Getting back to the action we see Hernandez and Mundo clear the ring using some high flying and power move combos. This match is being laid out awesomely, yet I am shocked we haven’t seen much from Cage, he’s been taking some nice bumps and still adding to the drama, he just hasn’t made an impact thus far. Texano and Mundo are now the legal men and Texano starts attacking Mundo’s leg, the one that has been bothering him for a few weeks, commentary also puts this over well and reminds the audience the trouble Mundo has had with that limb. Texano then tags in Cuerno so he can utilize his calculation offense, however it doesn’t last long because finally CAGE gets tagged in the match. Mundo then dodges his offense making Cuerno hit Cage with a kick, causing confusion and enough time for Mundo to tag in Puma. WOW some nice offense from Puma taking out all the members, just when the heels might get the upper hand Hernandez then blasts in and takes them out, he pushes Cage and Texano to the outside of the ring and sets up for his SUPER MEX SUPERMAN DIVE. I marked HUGE for this like seriously HUGE, I was a big Super Mex fan in the glory days of TNA and this actually reminded me they were a decent company at a time. Now back to wrestling that matters, Puma and Mundo save Super Mex from being dived on by King Cuerno and both set up and hit spinning dives on Cage and Texano. The camera continues to show Daivari, are they taunting a interference or what? He also seems to be “working” some sort of character. I’m sooo intrigued by him being in the audience and what might be happening behind the scenes. Now this match continues to be madness, people are hitting big spots and power moves all over the place and I suggest watching it ASAP. The finish comes when Texano starts Knocking out the faces with the bull rope, Where was Hernandez during this? Puma gets smashed with the bull rope and then dropped with the thrill of the hunt. Cuerno applies the pin for the 1…2…3.

Winners = King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage.

Out comes Dario Cueto, he announces they are going to have a teaser match with 1 member from each trios team. Next week we crown the trios champions so Dario wants to see some action tonight. He tells Cuerno, Cage, and Texano to pick one person to go into battle and represent their team, as they will be facing 1 member from each remaining trios team for a teaser for what is to come next week.

Cage is in the ring first (must be the reason why he got to relax last match) and out comes The Mack. WWE dropped the ball huge on this guy, yea he’s a bit flabby but he can really move, plus he is actually a joy to watch! Finally out comes Son of havok and per usual the crowd pops and chants his name.

The match starts off with each member trying to attack. They double team the Mack first getting him out of the way, and Cage drops Havok with a samoan drop. Next the mack comes in and has an amazing showing, for a big dude he can move and starts taking it to Cage. Havok them comes in and hits a nice move throwing Mack off the top rope onto Cage, then havok dives on Cage for the cover. Once Cage kicks out Havok locks in the arm bar and Mack is forced to break it up. The next big spot comes where Cage is setting Mack up on the corner turnbuckle for a superplex. However Havok comes in and does a sit out power bomb to Cage when he suplexes mack causing everyone to take damage and be laid out. After more exchanges between the 3, THE SPOT OF THE MATCH comes when Havok dives to the outside of the ring attempting to hit Cage, but Cage catches him IN THE SUPLEX position and suplexes him outside the ring. The finish comes when Cage gets angry and slams mack into the barricade outside the ring, slides into the ring and hits weapon X on Havok, pinning him for the win.

Winner = Cage Via Pinfall

Next we get a video package in the bathroom with Dario Cueto and Drago. He taunts Drago and asks him if Aerostar will slay the Dragon. This was simply to add fuel to the fire, Cueto is obsessed with seeing blood from these 2 and it raises more speculation as to what this special opportunity is.

Next we have Pentagon JR in the ring, he grabs the Mic and says his next sacrifice is dedicated to his master. He then grabs Melissa Santos the ring announcer, she is trying to fight him off but he sets her up to break her arm. Now Vampiro can’t take this and gets up to help and we get a teaser he is going to step to JR. However Sexy Star comes out of no where for the save. She calls Jr an ass and takes Melissa to safety. It looks as though we have a program coming between Star and Jr. and I will say booking wise this was great.  They finally got to put heat on Pentagon, which he has needed because as a heel he has been the most over Lucha on the roster. The crowd chanted Punta to him and he needed the heat going forward, great booking here.

Next Dario Cueto comes out stating he is announcing the rest of the show, he puns that Melissa is too shaken up to continue, and then announces the main event. Out comes AeroStar looking ready for battled, after the crowd gives him his due, its Drago’s turn to make an entrance and out he comes.

Match 3 = Main event Drago VS Aerostar

As always these guys work an even match up between them, they know each other so well and hit some nice counters and set up moves. Dario Cueto is really into this match, he is in it blow for blow and personally  that lets me know someone is getting screwed for this unique opportunity. The first big spot of the match is a nice shooting star Dive Aerostar hits Drago with on the outside. They use a nice over head camera shot that shows this in really cool fashion. Drago eventually comes back and hits a nice tiltawhirl slam, yet it only harbors a 2 count. I like how they are working a slowing pace to build the tension, even commentary puts this over as the wear and tear of this series has taken a tole on both wrestlers involved. Drago then begins to start showing big frustration, he has’t won yet and continues to stiff Aeroster, he sets up Aerostar on the apron and hits a nice drop kick sending him to the outside. Drago then goes under the ring grabbing a table and lays out Aerostar on top, he is setting up for a big move here but Aerostar wisely escapes. Now Drago finds himself set up on the table after a nice exchange that Aerostar gets the upper hand in. Aerostar taking his chance bounces of the opposite ropes and does a running dive on Drago, this was a sick spot not because he landed it, but because he over shot it and smacked his face on the floor (Yikes). This looked like it hurt for real and as I re watched it, he might have even kneed Drago as well. Anyway the match continues as Star is really trying to win the match, both wrestlers are gassed now ,making the story become they’re really giving it everything they got to continue. The finish comes with a sick DDT on Aerostar by Drago “knocking him out” he then slaps on the Dragon’s tail cradle pin that i can’t even call, you have to see it to understand it, but it gets him the 1…2…3!

Winner = Drago Via Pinfall.

After the match both Lucha’s embrace shaking hands as Dario Cueto enters the ring. It is reveled Drago gains a shot at Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground championship, but if he loses he will not be allowed to return to the Lucha Underground Temple FOREVER. As the crowd chants the show goes off the air with Drago looking less than pleased.

Another great show
The booking here can’t be beat, its just so crazy to me everything makes sense but is still shocking. I really hope this company continues to shine and if I have any say please sign Daivari. Adding a bit more depth to the roster in positive ways can only help with the company. I was also really impressed with the Vampiro angle tonight, when Jr. first grabbed Melissa i was like no please don’t hurt his character he doesn’t need this, but I can’t be mad with the way it panned out. I will say I am a tad bit worried with how they are going to book a Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr feud, but with everything they have done I’m keeping faith. As far as the trios opening match, like I said above go watch this ASAP. There was just too much to call in text form and damn it, it’s a freaking treat. Finally The Mack also came through with a much needed flash, that really made match 2 something you should check out. Once again a joy to watch this week and with the trios finals next week I am super stoked to see what happens next.

Now for some news and comments I would like to touch on for this week.

Apparently in a blog written by Jim Ross, he stated he was in talks with Lucha Underground to call the season finale show. He then stated the plan would have been for him to be brought back for the second season as a full time announcer. Apparently the deal fell through, and in my opinion (which I will explain in a moment) thankfully so. The 2 sides just couldn’t come to terms and it seems Ross would be willing to negotiate in the future if things were right. Personally I am really happy this deal fell through, I would have liked to see him on as an addition to the commentary team for the finale, and hell even special events from now on, Ross could add an unmatched instant credibility to the product. However as a replacement for Vampiro I don’t see it, I don’t want to see it. I really have grown to love Stryker and Vamp together, and to lose Vamp who is the main guy when it comes to explaining Lucha culture, speaking Spanish and connecting the American/Lucha styles to be relate-able to the American audience would be lame. This is extremely needed, Hell when this show first started I had my doubts with Vampiro, but now I can’t see the product without him. Don’t get me wrong I love Stryker in this as well, he plays a HUGE part in the chemistry, but honestly he doesn’t say jack when it comes to explaining Lucha culture. This information really worries me because if they are actively searching for a replacement for Vampiro its shame, because he has really added an excitement and heart that can’t be matched. When he pops (even though some times over the top) I feel its a real one, I can live with it being cheesy at times because I know he cares for the product and that right there can’t be replaced. Also with some of the crazy spots I don’t see Ross really calling them like they should, plus he is like the Brock Lesner of calling right now, he should be a novelty, and with everything he has going on I just don’t see him adding the much needed hype each week the show needs. PPV and season Finales or special events would be perfect, but I don’t see full time working out with this product, he just wouldn’t keep tabs on all the talent they way he should be.  Now A 3 man team with these guys would be great and they could run and angle where Vampiro and Stryker are selling the product almost to Ross as he calls it. What I mean is, while Ross is calling Stryker and Vamp could sell him on the back stories of the feuds and things he’s missed, also calling some of the finishing and signature moves that only people who watch every week would know, this would still allow the legend to shine but leave enough for the regulars to have a say as well.Now for the second bit of news, I did report last week that the company was renewed for a second season. Now the rumor is some of the sites might have gotten this a bit wrong, now it is reported that IF they are renewed El Rey owns the rights to the show, however new rumors say there is money issues within the budget for the second season. There is a chance we still could not get a second season of Lucha Underground and this seriously depressed me. My heart literally sank when I read this, and frankly I hope they find some way to raise money to continue the show. I imagine they could figure out something, or even use crowd funding as a possibility.

Well guys thanks again for baring with me on this being a tad bit late, this weeks show I will have the time to enjoy the show and get a review out in a timely manner. As always a candid thank you to all who read the reviews, it means a lot.

– Grainbelt Jones