Pull List Roundtable – 4/22/2015 – Convergence Week 3, Ivar, Timewalker #4, Uncle Scrooge #1 (Spoilers Free)

Alexander Lucard

  • Convergence #3 (of 8) – Battle Royale meets Popamatic Bubble continues!
  • Convergence Justice League America #1 – Justice League Detroit! The Tangent Universe! This will be fun.
  • Convergence Swamp Thing #1 – Len Wein is writing Swamp Thing. I am saddened and disappointed by anyone not pulling this.
  • Convergence Wonder Woman #1 – Larry Hama writes Wonder Woman vs. Batman
  • Divinity #3 (of 4) – Weird, weird series, but I’m enjoying it.
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #213 – Pushed back from last week.
  • Ivar, Timewalker #4 – Really enjoyed this first arc and glad to see Ivar getting his due.
  • Ninjak #2 – About time Ninjak got his own series in Valiant 3.0. He was one of my favorites in the original Valiant along with Bob Hall’s Shadowman.
  • Uncle Scrooge #1 – As much as I love my super hero comics, my three favorite comic writers are Carl Barks, Don Rosa and Floyd Gottfriedson. It’s fantastic to have an Uncle Scrooge comic back on the market and written in the Rosa/Barks style. I’m pulling all of the IDW Disney comics because I’m really optimistic about the line. The most I’ve been since my beloved Gladtsone publishing went away.

John Babos

  • Convergence #3 – Business picked up with issue #2. Looking forward to more action.

  • Convergence Green Lantern Corps #1 – The period that is covered here is one of my fave Green Lantern runs that had Dave Gibbons and Joe Staton respectively on pencils. We had the Demolition Team and Predator debuts, Hal Jordan quit as GL, replaced by a self-unmasking John Stewart, plus some Guy Gardner zaniness. This should be fun.

  • Convergence Hawkman #1 – If you haven’t picked it up, check out the 1980’s Shadow War of Hawkman. Also fun stuff.

  • Convergence Justice League America #1 – Loved the Justice League of Detroit era. It’s last issues were part of DC’s Legends mini-series that launched my all-time fave series Suicide Squad. Glad to revisit these characters.

  • Ivar Timewalker #4 – I continue to love all things Brothers Anni-Padda. Ivar gets his spotlight in this series.

  • Ninjak #2 – Cyber-stealth for 2015. A fun book.

Michael Maillaro

  • Uncle Scrooge #1 – Curse me kilts and bless me bagpipes! Scrooge McDuck has been my favorite Disney character for as long as I can remember. You can’t possibly imagine how excited I am to see IDW giving the character more exposure. This is definitely the first book I will be reading this week.

  • Galaxy Quest The Journey Continues #4 – This was a terrific sequel series. I especially enjoyed seeing the consequences of the “time reset” the heroes were forced to do at the end of the movie. IDW definitely proved that there was still some more stories to tell in the Galaxy Quest universe, and I hope we get another mini-series sometimes soon.

  • Ninjak #2 – I knew I read issue 1, but I barely remember it at all. I will almost definitely buy the second issue, but I hope the series picks up some. I read a lot of comics, and this one seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

  • Postal #3 – This has been one intense series. I really have no idea where it’s going, but this murder story set in a creepy town of criminals on the lam has been another great Image series.

  • Black Hood #3 – As you can see, with all the events going on at Marvel and DC, my pull list has really started to skew more towards indy titles. And Archie, IDW, Image, and Dynamite have been there to take my money with some huge new series. Black Hood has been a real fresh take on vigilante superheroes, and one of my favorite books the last few months. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Convergence Week 3 – This is probably the weakest week of Convergence books of the four for me. The only ones that really jumps out at me is Wonder Woman by Larry Hama, and Nicieza and Crisscross doing Justice League Detroit. Late 80’s DC comics held very little appeal to me, unfortunately.

  • G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #213 – THE DEATH OF SNAKE EYES! Yeah, I don’t see this sticking, but I still really enjoy this series. Definitely in the spirit of Marvel’s GI Joe series, Larry Hama has been able to tell some great stories here. My favorite of IDW’s GI Joe books.

James Fulton

  • Kaptara #1 – I’ve been enjoying Chip Zdarsky’s work on both Sex Criminals and Howard the Duck, so I have no doubt that I’m also going to enjoy his new sci-fi saga with artist Kagan McLeod. I’m going to assume that all sorts of boundaries, mostly of good taste, are going to be pushed here…

  • Lazarus #16 – The last issue of this series ended on quite a cliff-hanger, and I’ve been excited to see where Greg Rucka and Michael Lark were going to take things next.

  • Velvet #10 – It’s been a little while since the last issue of Velvet, but that’s done nothing to dull my excitement for this excellent 70s spy series by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.

  • Star Wars #4 – I feel like such a sheep, but the preview that came out last week has me feeling excited about Star Wars again, and a lot of the credit for that can also go to Jason Aaron and John Cassaday, who have been doing an excellent job on this book. I’m happy that this issue looks like a quieter one than the first few.

  • Ivar, Timewalker #4 – This series has been a delight so far. Fred Van Lente is killing it on this book.

Paul Miranda

  • CONVERGENCE #3 (of 8)
  • CONVERGENCE: FLASH #1 (of 2)

    My abso fave Marvel team of all time!!! I go ga-ga over these anniversary issues filled with musing morsels on Earth’s Mightiest. An institution that has been around 52 years is not to be ignored. Plus, with the ever-rotating roster, more than eyebrows are raised when the most unexpected character is recruited into the varsity team.

    Churning out more material than you can shake a stick at just before the cinematic sequel, Hydra is rising as the ultimate reckoning force. No corner of the MU is safe from their various heads and appendages. Action, intrigue, espionage, and head-busting ensue.

  • CONVERGENCE: FLASH #1 (of 2)
    Barry Allen in all his splendor and glory before the Crisis!! The Fastest Man Alive can’t outrun the sharpest mind ever. Barry was made cool again by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul but it’ll be curious to see Dan Abnett’s spin on the Scarlet Speedster. Who in the Tangent Universe is formidable enough for the Flash?!?

    Len Wein is back to flush out another tale of the misunderstood muck monster. Rejoice!! This time around Kelley Jones has the luxury of painting the picture. Not really a fan of that man’s art but having the originator holding the reins again is cause for celebration.

    When I first saw that WW was going to take on vampires from Red Rain, I thought: lame-o. Then, I realized this is Diana Prince shortly after regaining her powers and reclaiming her mantle. As a result, I look forward to the outcome since I have nothing but eternal admiration for the Amazing Amazon.

Joe Smith

  • Effigy #4 – Still digging this book and I’m glad to have some quality Vertigo to read again.
  • Suiciders #3 – This book continues to be gorgeous and looking forward to seeing what’s going to come out about the Saint.
  • King Flash Gordon #3 – I’m continuing to enjoy this series because it doesn’t feel so confined.
  • Divinity #3 – I haven’t read issue 2 (although I have it) so I’m not sure what’s going to happen in this one. Looks like I’ll be catching up on this series this week.
  • Ivar: Timewalker #4 – I’ve been enjoying this series and am looking forward to seeing what happens with Ivar and Neela. It’s also nice to have a four issue arc.
  • Ninjak #2 – I’m enjoying this series because Ninjak is in a situation where he is a step behind and the creative team has done a good job of putting over the level of danger that he’s involved in.