Triple H Speaks Out About Relationship with Vince McMahon

Triple H spoke with the Ferriss Show for a new interview. Check out some highlights below:

On misconceptions about him and WWE
They just see what they see on TV. The misconception for me is that I’m very much what you see on television or that I’m this character… Even if you’re this huge fan of WWE, they get so upset over ‘why would this guy beat that guy.’ It’s one of the terms right now, ‘we buried him.’ It’s a show and what they don’t get about our show is that we are like this ever ending, you can compare it to whatever you want… it never ends. There’s always another chapter. They get so upset in the moment of not liking maybe the chapter they are on, there’s another chapter that starts tomorrow… They don’t get that and they can wait for that. They don’t understand all the complexities that go on behind the scenes. That’s probably the biggest misconception is that the WWE is just a bunch of guys, in its simplest form, just going to the ring in their underwear and pretending to fight each other, but when you break it down it’s a massive global business.

On fatherhood
I have a three year-old, uh, I have an eight, a six, and a four. That’s it, we’re done. It’s hard. When the pressure as a parent, hopefully everybody takes this job seriously, you’re giving them examples of how they live their life. These kids don’t do what you say, they do as they see. How you live your life is an example. The way I treat their mother and the way I treat them is what they are going to look for in a significant other…You add in all the other things in life and it’s a different challenge. You want to teach them right from wrong, you want to give them a path and a direction, but at the same time you learn as much from your failures as you do from your successes, so you can’t give them everything. You want to help them so bad. Like, I’m watching you and I want to help you, but go ahead and make the mistake because you have to learn from that mistake… I remember when we got our first one home. They put her in the carseat and you take the thing home and then we walked in the door and we put her on the step and we were like, ‘What do we do now?’ Eventually, she cried and we had to feed her and whatever, but you don’t know what to do. We have a kid! Luckily, I was like, ‘I gotta go on the road’ (laughs).

On his relationship with Vince McMahon
Vince is kind of the ultimate filter of creative. I’m more…while I weigh in a lot on that stuff and the content that is going to go on the network and all these things and I weigh in on it from a creative concept, but I’m also approving t-shirt designs and banner designs and going through all of that, the day to day process. It’s a lot of hats. It’s funny, I used to marvel at Vince’s ability when I first started coming into the office. I’ve had a working, kinda behind the scenes relationship with Vince since probably…I started in ’95, so early in ’96. I just was always fascinated with the behind the scenes of the business and how it all came together as much as I was doing it in the ring. He and I just kind of clicked in that sense and we started working together. I didn’t meet Steph, his daughter, until quite a few years later, and then we ended up having a relationship and the whole thing. But I had this working relationship with Vince, and as time went on and I got more and more involved in that, kinda later in my career, he used to ask me, ‘when are you going to stop messing around in the ring and come do some real work in the office? You need to be in the office. I need to get you in the office.’ I used to marvel at how many hats he wore and how quickly he could change them. He’d be talking about a foreign tour and box office receipts or a touring strategy or a marketing strategy for that and two seconds later he’s looking at a t-shirt design and approving colors and then that would go away and now he’s looking at some new talent. It was just so many hats that he wore and it used to amaze me at how quickly he could change gears. And I find myself now having to do that same thing. It’s really cool to see yourself growing that way because I used to think how does he keep this straight? At first, I couldn’t keep that straight and now, you learn it, you adapt to that process.

On what advice he’d give his 20 year-old self
Don’t take it all so serious, you know, and be more open. Man, when you’re so focused on making it and you’re… I always had fun in the business. I can look at it now and say that I didn’t take everything so seriously that it was detrimental to me, but there were times when it something happened it would just eat me up and I couldn’t take it because I was so hungry to get to that next place. You need to keep that perspective where of everything lays out. There’s times over the years when we looked at each other, my friends within the business a little group of guys, at certain times you just laugh and go, ‘It’s the phony fight business and we’re wrestling in our underwear, what am I getting all worked up about?’ And I think that is the biggest thing, just not taking this so seriously and being open to stuff.

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