Mick Foley Discusses His One Man WWE Network Show

Mick Foley is bringing his one-man show to WWE Network. He spoke about it with the Sporting News:

on being happy he didn’t rush into the show for the Network
I’m really excited. People who have been following me know this is what I’ve been really hoping for, for a couple of years. It really seemed to come together in a really, first class manner

on the show’s content
This will be the PG version. There will be no guy in a club in Germany story from years past. (laughs) Yeah, I’ll drop the one F-bomb and do it in grand fashion but it’s an all ages appropriate show

on turning the show into something special
Now looking back, I’ve glad we waited just because (it will involve) the WWE’s top director, top producers, guys who I’ve worked with and am really comfortable with. We’re pretty sure we’re going to not only capture something special live but turn it into something really special for the network.

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Source: sportingnews.com