NXT Tour Dates For April, May and June 2015 Hit NY, Florida, Pittsburgh ++

WWE is following through on plans to take NXT on the road. They have announced a variety of dates and cities for the next few months:

April 30 in Lakeland, Florida at The Armory. Tickets on sale now.

May 1 in Tampa, Florida at the UACDC Gymnasium. Tickets on sale now.

May 8 in Largo, Florida at Minnreg Hall. Tickets on sale now.

May in Philadelphia, PA at The Tower Theatre. Tickets TBA.

May 16 in Albany, New York at the Washington Armory. Pre-Sale on April 30 using pre-sale code CAPITAL.

May 23 in Starke, Florida at the Starke Armory. Tickets on sale now.

May 29 in Citrus Springs, FL. Tickets now on sale.

May 30 in Venice, FL at the Community Center. Tickets now on sale.

June 11 in Pittsburgh, PA at the AE Theatre. Tickets TBA.

June 12 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theatre. Tickets TBA.

June 13 in Columbus, Ohio at the LC Pavilion in Columbus. Tickets TBA.

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Source: pwinsider.com