DC Comics Convergence Spoilers: Moving From Convergence #3 to #4 to #5, Who Is Shakira?

Following the reveal of Deimos as the end of last issue (character explained here), DC Comics’ Convergence #3 was action-packed and introduced another character, Shakira a seemingly ally of Deimos, (full spoilers for Convergence #3 here).

Spoilers follow.

Like Deimos, Shakira is a character from the world of Warlord (more here) in the mystical land of Skartaris (more here), and she turns up in Convergence #3 as the jailer of the multiverse’s time travelers.

Below are those panels from Convergence #3 plus Shakira’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe entry from the 1980’s. She was typically allied with Warlord against Deimos, so her appearance in Convergence is intriguing.

DC Comics Convergence #3 Spoilers Review 7 DC Comics Convergence #3 Spoilers Review 8 Shakira Who's Who DC Comics

The covers to Convergence #4 and #5 are below. The main covers are very Warlord centric.

Convergence #4 cover 1 DC Comics Convergence #4 Convergence #4 cover 2 Convergence #5 cover 1 Convergence #5 cover 2

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