Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman Confirm Undertaker Was Close to Jumping to WCW


Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman recently spoke with Sports Illustrated, here are the highlights…

Nash on Taker Almost Jumping to WCW
We had ‘Taker close. All of a sudden he wasn’t the Deadman. He became the American Badass for a reason. That Deadman wasn’t going to f—in’ come to WCW. He would have been the biker character and gone by Mark Calaway. All along, I was trying to get guys money, I was trying to get guys paid. And what happened was Vince started giving huge guarantees to the Shawns and Undertakers and those guys and said, ‘I can’t lose my core guys.’

Hall on Jericho Being a Whiner
Jericho’s just a whining puss. If you have any talent, you can’t be held back and you can’t be held down. Jericho just whines and whines. He’s gone on to be tremendously successful, and he’s still got a hard on for us. I don’t get it, but nobody makes headlines for saying, ‘Those guys are great guys. You talk about what d—s we are, and then some guy sits down and interviews you.

Waltman on Jericho
Jericho realized, once he got to WWE, ‘Holy s—, I don’t know what the f— I’m doing here. That’s why Vince made him come to me and run his matches by me, even he was working with Boss Man or something. You think you know, until you finally know.

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