Diamond Dallas Page News: Talks About WCW Career, Chris Jericho, Jake Roberts, Much More

The Sports Vision recently interviewed former WWE and WCW Superstar Diamond Dallas Page. Below are some highlights and the audio for the interview.

His thoughts on Jake Roberts
Jake was the greatest. I think A-Z, Ric Flair you got to put up there, Shawn Michaels may be the greatest ever as far as all the technical and everything together, but to me Jake was the guy. Because just the way he did everything, from his promos to his work in the ring, I mean everything he did out there meant something.

On starting his career in his 30s
They didn’t believe in me. It’s understandable how they wouldn’t believe in me when I came back from my rotator cuff at 37, 38. But they really didn’t understand my work ethic. They didn’t really realize that I was gonna be one of the best in the business until I was. It was really good that they held me down the way they did, because if it was given too early I never would’ve been able to do and have the matches that I had. It never would’ve happened.

On Chris Jericho using his DDP Yoga system
Jericho, four years ago, blew his back out. He was done. I sent him the video of the disabled vet, Arthur Boorman, he called me back five minutes later and he said, ‘You tell me what to do and I’ll do it.’ And that’s how Chris Jericho’s journey towards getting back in the ring started. Five weeks later of doing DDP Yoga, he was 85% pain free, he called me up, he was like, ‘Dude I’m addicted to this’… Three months later after doing the program, he was 100% pain free and headlined with Punk at WrestleMania.

On his time on WCW
Of course I did [enjoy my time in WCW.] Was it agonizing at times and stressful? Hell yeah. But I lived a dream on a different level. The people who are bitter because things didn’t go exactly their way… I don’t think things went exactly my way when I went to the WWE, did it? Do you hear me bitching about it?


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