Rasslin’ Roundtable: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 PPV Predictions & Preview

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 is tonight on PPV! What does the Pulse Wrestling crew think will happen? Let’s take a look!

WWE World Heavyweight Title
RKO is Banned
Steel Cage Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

CB: I must commend Kane on showing a little more FIRE AND BRIMSTONE as of late. After all, election season is coming up and Kane wants to LOWER YOUR TAXES PEOPLE! I think it’s way too early for Rollins to lose the belt, but I could see Kane SNAPPING after the match leaving The Authority for good.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Pat Metalhead: Could they have made it any more obvious that this ain’t gonna be a clean finish ? Kane will take further steps towards his « Big Red Monster » return. Rollins will continue to be portrayed as the weakest champion ever and Orton will tease the RKO a million times ; Orton wins this and Rollins retains. Somehow.
Winner : Orton because spoiler : Rollins looses.

Paltrowitz – I expect Rollins to win in some sort of screwy finish. But I’m not interested enough in the match itself to attempt to visual that finish.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Widro – It seems impossible to imagine Orton winning the title here.
Winner: Rollins


WWE United States Title
Russian Chain Match
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

CB: Anyone else want to see the DOCTOR OF THUGANOMICS come back wearing the chain? Either that, or DEKE STOKES baby! (Total Divas reference).
Winner: John Cena

Pat Metalhead: Cena wins, yeah yeah I know, I still go for Rusev though, for the simple reason they can’t continue that god-awful Cena invitational for months, can they ? Certainly not the way they’re doing it now. Besides, they still have 3 PPV’s before Summerslam and the next one is called … Payback ? Yeah Rusev wins so we can enjoy another month of this feud… Yeay… (and yes, that WAS sarcasm.)
Winner: Rusev because Lana needs more screen time.

Paltrowitz – I am enjoying this U.S. Open Challenge that they’ve been doing with Cena, surprisingly, and imagine they’ll want to keep it going, also in the name of elevating the previously-undesirable U.S. Title.
Winner: John Cena

Widro – Cena has been burying the midcard on TV each week and Rusev has been stopped dead since the Wrestlemania loss. I think Cena continues as champ.
Winner: Cena


WWE Divas Heavyweight Title
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi

CB: Did you know that she calls it the REAR VIEW? You know, because if Naomi calls it that, it’s not racist.
Winner: Naomi

Pat Metalhead: Naomi have handled herself surprisingly well during her recent turn, displaying much more personality than we have seen from her (or the Bella’s) thus far. So yeah, I’m digging a Naomi win here. Only drawback is it will probably signify a Bella face turn. Why do you hate us so, WWE ? Ah well…
Winner : Naomi because the world needs more Rear Views.

Paltrowitz – So many better divas in NXT, why is this feud happening?
Winner: Naomi

Widro – Nikki has been champion for a while, but if they were going to do a change, I think they would have booked a single match for Mania. I think the Bellas keep the gold for a while.
Winner: Nikki


“Kiss My Arse” Match
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

CB: Fella!!!!!! While I would love to see Zack Ryder run out and help Dolph Ziggler win, I have a feeling that Sheamus will be winning here, and then we all lose by having to watch the aftermath.
Winner: Sheamus

Pat Metalhead: So Sheamus has been brought back as this unstoppable, kick-ass, take no prisoners, brogue kick everything in sight fellah AND is currently number 1 on WWE’s poll on who will be next to join The Authority and people still think he will loose ? Against Ziggler ? Who’s whole push is having great matches but end up loosing them? Never going to happen.
Winner : Sheamus because Ziggler is Bryan’s stunt double.

Paltrowitz – Awful match conception as there really is no winner.
Winner: Sheamus

Widro – Sheamus is back with a new type of character much improved over his joking buffoon character of recent time. Dolph is also a jobber.
Winner: Sheamus


Last Man Standing Match
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

CB: No-brainer, but will they pull out a huge spot like “BAH GAWD THE RING IS BROKEN IN HALF!”? Probably.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Pat Metalhead: Starnge, I wanna take a coffee break even during the preview of this one… Hey perhaps Reigns will finally get a cheer or two for ending Big Show’s latest push.
Winner : Reigns because in this case he’s actually the lesser of two evils

Paltrowitz – Roman Reigns can’t lose this match, or otherwise he’d be a lower-tier mid-carder.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Widro – It would be pretty sweet to see Roman lose here but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.
Winner: Reigns


Chicago Street Fight
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

CB: Luke Harper is awesome and definitely going to have a long career in WWE as a utility big man a la Kane. I think Ambrose wins here to give him something to hang his hat on, and hopefully afterwards Creative will find something meaningful for him to do.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Pat Metalhead: This one could be interesting. Both need the win, Ambrose probably a little more than Harper, which is why I believe Harper will win. Yeah it’s WWE logic, don’t even TRY to comprehend. Ambrose is the WWE’s version of what is known in japan as the Heroic Looser. The guy who will risk body and limbs to defeat anyone and end up narrowly loosing (usually by attempting an ill-advised move). Foley was much like that too. See Honma in NJPW for a prime example on how such a character works. Not sure WWE creative has the intelligence to pull off such a character f but there it is. Harper has all the qualities (and then some) to replace either the Big Show, Kane or even Mark henry (or all three at the same time) so he will move up the ranks at the cost of heroic looser Ambrose.
Winner Harper via a Ambrose crash and burn.

Paltrowitz – Dean Ambrose can’t lose this match, or otherwise he’d be a lower-tier mid-carder.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Widro – This could be a sleeper pick as the best match on the show. I think Dean has been ice cold as a face but Harper has been cold as a heel and the fed needs some strong heels.
Winner: Harper


WWE Tag Team Title
Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (c) w/Natalya vs. The New Day

Winners: New Day

Pat Metalhead: Looking at the bright side, at least on the pre-show, they will probably be given more time than if they were on the main card. My feelings about the WWE’s treatment of thei tag team division have been expressed elsewhere already. That being said, the New Day heel turn isn’t uninteresting in se, the heel vs heel thing can create an interesting situation and all involved can produce a good to great wrestling match if given the opportunity. The tag team division is actually rather good for the moment. Now if only WWE would see that.
Winner : Cesaro/Kidd because they need to keep the belt until someone finds a cool team name for them.

Paltrowitz – I would like to see Kidd & Cesaro do their usual greatness in the ring, and The New Day (weren’t they first A New Day and then New Day?) become great cowardly-heels. If The New Day take this, I foresee the build of The Lucha Dragons as the top babyface team in the division. Poor Prime Time Players.
Winner: The New Day

Widro – The New Day needed this heel turn and now might have some juice behind their run, although still seems unlikely. I don’t think we’ll see a change here.
Winner: Cesaro/Kidd


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