Demythify: Post-Convergence DC Comics Green Lantern Spoilers: Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz? Justice League #40 Impact?

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So where are all five (5) of the Earth born Green Lanterns post-Convergence?

Spoilers follow.

Green / Red Lantern: Guy Gardner

Red Lanterns #40, its last issue, essentially undid all of Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern. He’s now without a ring and looking after a baby.

Red Lanterns #40 Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 0 Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 1
Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 2

Perhaps Guy Gardner will become a Blue Lantern and/or we’ll see his journey trying on the other Rainbow Lantern Corps’ rings as we saw in Futures End: Red Lanterns #1?

DC Comics September 2014 DC New 52 Futures End 3D Red Lanterns #1 Red Lanterns Futures End Guy Gardner 2 Red Lanterns Futures End Guy Gardner

Status Post-Convergence: Guy Gardner – De-powered and MIA (Missing in Action).

Green Lantern: Simon Baz

DC Comics second Green Lantern of color and first Muslim GL has been woefully under-utilized of late. In Green Lantern Annual #2 he was tasked as the Green Lantern Corps’ ambassador to Earth as well as protector of Hal Jordan’s family.

Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out finale Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out finale Simon Baz

We also know from writer Geoff Johns last issue of Green Lantern #20, that Simon Baz is destined to train Jessica Cruz, the first female Green Lantern Corps member (sorta) as she wields the Earth 3 equivalent of the Green Lantern ring, a parasitic sentient one, and is a member of the Justice League.

Green Lantern #20 gatefold with logo Green Lantern #20 Simon Baz & Jessic Cruz

Simon Baz was seen during the recent event tying all the Green Lantern family books together: Godhead where the battled the New Gods of New Genesis. I think I saw the back of Simon Baz’s head in the Green Lantern Annual #3 finale of Godhead.

Green Lantern New Gods Godhead #1
Green Lantern Annual #3

Status Post-Convergence: Simon Baz – Green Lantern ring wielder and MIA.

Earth 3’s Green Lantern / Power Ring: Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz, born on the main DC Comics Earth 0, continues to wield the Earth 3 parasitic Green Lantern ring of the villainous and now dead Power Ring. While Green Lantern Simon Baz isn’t training here yet as prophesied by writer Geoff Johns, she is being mentored by… The Flash, Barry Allen?

Justice League #34 variant Justice League #34 Jessica Cruz Power Ring and Flash

She also remains on the Justice League, but the ending of Green Lantern #39 may change that. We likely know more about Jessica Cruz’s Justice League fate with this week’s Justice League #40.

Justice League #39
Justice League #39 Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Status Post-Convergence: Jessica Cruz – Powered by Earth 3’s Green Lantern “Power Ring” and as member of the Justice League (for now?).

White / Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner

Despite ending Green Lantern #40 as the White Lantern, creating a White Lantern Corps, and coupled romantically with Carol Ferris / Star Sapphire, it appears post-Convergence Kyle Rayner is dead. Or at least appears to be dead at the hands of the Omega Men who start in their own ongoing series post Convergence.

Green Lantern New Guardians #40 Spoilers Does Kyle Rayner Die 0 Green Lantern New Guardians #40 Spoilers Does Kyle Rayner Die 8
Omega Men #2

If you’ve never heard of the Omega Men below is their bio / entry from the 1980’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe. This will give you a history of the team despite not wholly matching the DC Comics New 52 incarnation.

Who's Who in the DC Universe Omega Men

Status Post-Convergence: Kyle Rayner – Power ring unclear, likely white, and presumed dead.

Green Lantern: John Stewart

John Stewart moves from headlining the Green Lantern Corps to a new ongoing series Post-Convergence called Green Lantern: Lost Army. The Green Lantern Corps and John Stewart are trapped in an alternate dimension or alternate universe leaving the main DC Comics universe GLC-less?

Green Lantern Lost Army #1 Green Lantern Lost Army #2

Status Post-Convergence: John Stewart – Green Lantern ring wielder and “lost” with the rest of the GLC.

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan

As Justice League’s Darkseid War and the main Green Lantern title appear to take place at different times in DC Comics lore, in the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan is a well-respected member of the Justice League. In the latter he is a renegade that has to create a way to wield the Green Lantern power as the GLC is missing. Hal Jordan may still be the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, but he’s lost his flock.

Justice League #41 Justice League #42 Green Lantern #41
Green Lantern #42

Status Post-Convergence: Hal Jordan – Either a good standing member as Green Lantern of the Justice League and/or a Renegade with a MacGyver’d Green Lantern power ring source.

Sinestro remains my favorite of the Green Lantern family books, but I remain curious about how the Earth-born Green Lantern fair post-Convergence.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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