JR Blog: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review, “Not a Fan” of Escaping The Cage

Jim Ross checked in with a blog recapping Extreme Rules 2015, here are some highlights

on Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is on track to become what WWE wants him to be. I believe in this athlete and feel that he simply needs time and not to be force fed the audience and he will end up being the star that WWE wants/needs. Reigns match with Big Show was a pleasant surprise and arguably the best match on the show.

on New Day becoming tag champions
Loved the tag team title match and have no issues with New Day becoming tag champions as long as they work diligently in learning how be a great villain trio ala the Freebirds but that might be asking too much. Now the best team in WWE in years, Kidd and Cesaro, can chase which is a good thing and can add more relevancy to the tag titles which have been somewhat cold in recent months.

on escaping the cage
I’m not a fan of escaping the cage as a way of winning a cage match but that’s not the talent’s issue. Orton and Rollins worked hard but it was too predictable that multiple outside parties were going to get involved in the conclusion of the match. Some fans and apparently many in the decision making business of the overall wrestling biz feel that a loss is damning for a talent a takes them down too many notches. Obviously, I don’t share totally in that philosophy.

on Sheamus
Sheamus is on track to become a hit as a villain if he continues to perfect the nuances necessary to do so. He’s a big, bully of a man who seems to enjoy his bad guy positioning. His match with Ziggler provided me with a surprising outcome. Thought the ass kissing phase went a little long but in the end, no pun intended, Ziggler got a win and has an issue while Sheamus left with heat. Good for both.

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